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List exposed: The Nazis who got away from the Mossad
Saar Haas
Published: 15.09.17, 23:43
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1. Old news. tell us what happened to Nisman!
2. The only comfort is in the fact, that the longer life these
creeps led, the longer the time they were forced to look over their shoulder. Every day, every minute....
3. Worry not: the same "God" that shall reward you&you in the
"Afterlife" shall punish these murderers.
Stop laughing and make pilgrimage to Mecca, right away!
4. Where will the JewNazi ratline lead to, America?
5. So maybe Yitzhak Rabin alias Brunner,
Adler   (09.16.17)
was a mossad spy agent...
before or after being elected Prime Minister?
6. topic of this article is of critical concern for most Jews..
Rafi ,   US   (09.18.17)
Too bad it is so poorly written (and/or translated?), like a product of a 3rd grade student... gaps in information, contradictions and above all no analysis.

For example, the point is repeatedly made that the cases were not pursued, "dropped", etc, by Israel. OK... WHY? No clear explanation ever provided here!
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