Opinion  Sever Plocker
Hysteria over Iran created convenient avenue for corruption
Sever Plocker
Published: 16.09.17, 22:26
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1. Plocker'd love to apport submarine money to his beloved pali
ab   (09.16.17)
-stinians as a token of his subservience
2. Our true (both military &psychology "experts") are busy
explaining the farcical accusations against PM and most of the "corrupt elites".
And we thought that Stalinist methods & Spirit were long dead and buried....
3. Miche Norman, right on. Thanks for reply...
Yossi   (09.17.17)
I have been trying to convey to all.

Corruption is rampant in government at the moment, hmm I wonder why :-)

Of the bed installment, really killed me, a bed? 5 hr. flight to Thatcher funeral.
What chutzpa.
4. The Flocker is rising from the dead and still oblivious
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.17.17)
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