Shas MK resigns over criticism for attending gay nephew's wedding
Kobi Nachshoni, Moran Azulay, Adir Yanko
Published: 13.09.17, 12:42
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1. Why should he resign? The religious right is outrageous!
Akiva   (09.13.17)
He should be commended for respecting his family, his sister and his nephew. He absolutely should not resign. Shame on them for pressuring him to resign. Imagine not have your uncle and cousins at your own wedding!

This hatred towards gay people is so ridiculous. They are 5-10% of our population. Just deal with it that they exist and they are not sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. Why continue to make people's lives miserable because they were born different than you? It's only better for society if gay people have stable lives like the rest of us and have the opportunity to marry and have children.
2. Not forced?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (09.13.17)
Yes he was forced by the wrong moral stand taken by the other party members. This is wrong all the way. He showed respect to his sister, accepted that another can be different and did nothing wrong.
Shame on those that forced this resignation.
3. Reality of life vs. religion is bound to lead to such
The knee-jerk response of the "progressives" as well as the
religious druggies testifies to this.
People are free to establish reality as they see fit at given time in history.
Granting women voting rights was just as "outrageous/shocking" in its time.
Just for fun:
imagine that technology shall enable us to have offspring
completely outside of women's wombs thus making the "Holy Union" of sexes moot....?
What then?
BTW: will there be many females going, "I want to blow up for 9 months just to deliver a baby in lots of pain because it's a wonderful thing to do"...??!
4. You serve your constituents
Nachman ,   NYC   (09.13.17)
Shas as a religious party adherence to Torah Values is primary.
Homosexuality is a grave sin worthy of capital punishment.
Thus joining such a wedding is a chilul hashem.

Hopefully he learnt from this mistake.
5. Dinasours
Jez ,   Netanya   (09.13.17)
The Dinasours eventually died out, hopefully this rather antiquated prejudice will follow suit which will be to the benefit of the Jewish people and Israel
6. it is better 2 honor ur sister than 2 listen to hate!
Kol HaKavod to Mr. Gueta.
Shame on the evil and hate mongers in the Knesset and TBing on this item.
7. Looks like the sister from hell
David ,   New york   (09.13.17)
She hoodwinked him into going and she sounds a little like an activist to me
(Guess it's not surprising she has a homosexual son, considering her attitude)

This shas guy should be expelled from shas completely
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