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Textbook featuring Israeli flag raises ire in Egypt
Roi Kais
Published: 13.09.17, 14:37
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1. Wait, didn't we have a peace agreemment with egipt?For what?
2. In a related move they've banned Earth's gravitational force
as well.
Doesn't sit well with Islam.
3. Israeli textbooks should put Coptic flag over Egypt
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.13.17)
Kurdish flag over Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Phoenician flag over Lebanon..... and so on
4. they should .......
steve s   (09.17.17)
They should rename the Education Ministry to the Ignorance Ministry. Education lead one to believe there is intelligence and understanding, yet Egypt proves once again those qualities are lacking.
5. Houseband
crisulo celeste, jr. ,   Iloilo City   (09.17.17)
Well, "Chosen People" you cannot trust all the countries around you. You may have peace agreement with one and friendly relation with the other but it is all superficial. The face may be smiling but the heart is full of hatred and anger. Anyway, God will always protect Israel from all its troubles. Just put your trust in the Lord most High.
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