Let's share Western Wall rather than divide it
Tehila Friedman
Published: 15.09.17, 10:39
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1. I notice how NON Jews whenvisiting Israel ALSO like to visit
Alan ,   SA   (09.15.17)
the Kotel where they are seen to be deep in prayer as they stand close to the Wall and touch it with bowed heads.
2. The Western Wall must not be abused by political feminists
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (09.15.17)
pretending to be religious. The Western Wall belongs to all Jews but it is inacceptable that certain super-orthodox Jews have a monopoly over it.

Furthermore, it is also inacceptable that noisy and pushy feminists use the Western Wall as their forum for political statements.
3. Why do the observant Jews
Howard K. ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.17)
have to accommodate the endangered species, the reform, conservative folks? In a few years, they'll have mostly disappeared anyway. Who will come pray at their designated section at the Kotel -- their gentile grandchildren? It would be prudent for the reformers to keep in mind for whom the bell tolls and for whom the clock ticks.
5. Stupid article by a stupid writer.
Common sense   (09.15.17)
6. When you have nothing else in life to "fight" for, you can
always make up a "cause" by inventing a non-existing "struggle" for something totally pointless, ferment some bad feelings by attacking particular group (if religion is involved that's guaranteed!)
What's wrong with plastering a "Che"-poster on the ceiling above your beds,sisters?
Then you can sing Imagine each night before falling asleep while phantasizing about that revolutionary hunk....
7. Stones mean "fighting for Judaism itself here," it's crazy!
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.16.17)
Religion is reaching its end in Israel. In 100 years this craziness will pass away and the old stones will finally become what they really are: antiquities. The department of antiquities and archaeology should manage the kotel and make it available equally to everybody -- to every belief, to every opinion, race, gender, and persuasion (including the atheist.)

When I pass by the kotel, it bothers me to see so many people dressed so poorly, yet I say nothing and fight for nothing. Stones are too stupid to fight for but it is also wrong to give it up to self-declared believers for their management.
8. The 2 most powerful words of 2017 will be
Rob ,   Boston, Mass   (09.17.17)
"Fake Jews"
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