Who needs compulsory military service?
Rotem Knaani
Published: 16.09.17, 17:10
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1. Hello - this is not about forcing religious into the army
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.16.17)
against their will. This is about a large majority of people sitting (or standing) around just praying and taking money from the Israeli people. They are not earning said monies. And, they should be ashamed as they are taking from coffers that should be allotted to the old, crippled, etc. when they themselves are capable of working or serving in the army. So, to sum it all up - they are leeches. Even their prayers don't help.
2. Top IDF brass tells US Israel can't handle Iran alone...
borash paul ,   Haifa   (09.17.17)
A West Point graduate research paper showed that the compulsory service in Israel produce dismal results when compared to professional armies like US, UK, Germany, France, Japan to name a few.
The delusion that IDF is the “melting pot” for the Israeli society is proven wrong by the deep division in today’s Israeli society.

3. ... and bye bye the reserve in case of war, right?
Avi L.   (09.17.17)
Another smart *** with some managerial false ideas of efficiency.

Using anecdotal cases of self inflicted injuries and other pseudo thoughts like the stealing of Army properties (by the same thought private companies should be downsized too), the author jumps to the conclusion that there is no more existential threat to Israel when Iran is at the gates.

Anyhow IDF would need all the services made by jobnikim, what better than to PRIVATIZE and make a good deal of (private) money out it?

Once army is a job, why not having private mercenaries companies like in the US? Which are much more expensive because it must produce huge "added value" money.

Professional army is good for private money, not for public good.

... and what when you need to call up the reserve? Even with a conscript Army, reservists have to be called for "operations" like the ones in Gaza. Call Balckwaters or some other mercenary outfit?
4. Pathetic&generic attempt at"spin" in favor of these leeches!
5. The best defense option is professional
Tuvia W.   (09.18.17)
I've served for over 3 decades in Tzahal, and have heard the call for a small professional army time and again from senior staff, COS, MoD. The politicians have always defeated the professional arguments, leaving us with a bloated and unwieldy defense. I have also served in the US Army during the Vietnam years, and witnessed the horrible results of of under-motivated draftees at the front. It's high time to move past imposing social doctrine and think of effectiveness in defense.
6. IDF already is a volunteer army
david ,   new york   (09.19.17)
you apply for a combat position or not.
people can choose whether they want to fight or not
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