Why prisoner swap must be part of a package deal
Giora Eiland
Published: 18.09.17, 14:44
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1. The deal must be part of peace treaty,even if it takes years
Alan ,   SA   (09.18.17)
2. The sane moral action is to execute ALL terrorists
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.18.17)
What possible benefit can Israel receive from keeping murderous "Palestinian" terrorists alive? Absolutely none. It GUARANTEES more Israelis will be maimed and murdered by freed terrorists and others inspired to commit more atrocities by Israel's velvet glove treatment of terrorists. The only sane moral action is to execute ALL terrorists upon capture.
3. I have a better solution
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.18.17)
Turn off the water and power until all the hostages are returned
4. Jews have soft hearts--that is the problem
C   (09.19.17)
5. Alternative conspiracy theory: whenever we(Israel) feel like
getting ourselves rid of few hundreds of Muslim terrorists (that we feed & take care of with no visible benefits) we manufacture
a "crisis" and then grudgingly accept the "high price" and let them go.
Otherwise it is impossible to fathom why we behave like ones dependant on the mercy of Gaza!?
6. dealing with hamas
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.23.17)
Not a single loaf of bread enters gaza until the prisoners and the bodies of the fallen soldiers are returned to Israel,let the un and the other bleeding hearts jump and scream,in the seventies,during the turmoil in Lebanon a Russian Diplomat was kidnapped by a muslim terrorist group,the Russians kidnapped the brother of the leader of the terrorists,and cut off one of his ears and sent the ear to his brother the leader,the Russian Diplomat was immediately freed.
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