Court overturns decision to revoke residency permits for Hamas lawmakers
Yona Schnitzer/TPS
Published: 15.09.17, 14:25
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1. I no other country........
Boy O' boy   (09.16.17)
The only country bent on committing suicide. The court decision should be titled as such
2. We have a declared war by the Court against The People!
3. Mr
Clive Delmonte ,   Fakenham UK   (09.16.17)
I understand the critics' reaction to the legal decision but if Israel does not follow the law (like its enemies do not) what exactly does Israel offer the world that would make Israel worth fighting to preserve ?
4. Just kick their self righteous asses onto the curb. Who ARE
they anyway, God appointed Guardians of good taste & correct politics?!
5. The Courts
Ron ,   LA   (09.16.17)
Israeli courts will not protect Jews. The courts need an enema.
6. outrageous decision
C   (09.17.17)
those who commit treason and acts of terror must be incarcerated.

if one follows the hcj's decision, then nazis would also be allowed
to live peacefully in any country, including germany, as many
thousands did after the war.

the hcj should not be surprised that there are members of the
government and of the public who are outraged by the courts
unwillingness to curb its excessive abuses of power.
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