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US extends some Iran sanctions relief under nuclear deal
Published: 14.09.17, 23:40
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1. one way or another the shia terror regime will be destroyed
C   (09.15.17)
this holocaust denying genocidal regime cannot be allowed to exist.

israel cannot live with this regime, with its incitement to genocide
of the jewish people, with its practice of genocide against other peoples.

the shia terror regime is not simply evil, it is irrational.
it is a grandiose regime which aims at world domination
and the annihilation of entire populations.

no nation has survived in the quest of world domination and
large scale genocide.
if israel will not get help, then israel will act alone.
many people will die, but the jewish state will survive unlike
her enemies.
2. Mark Sherry, FB is a Marxist propagandist
C   (09.15.17)
he is ideologically incapable of rational thinking.

he wants israel alone to solve the iran issues.
should israel fire nuclear missiles to iran, the problem will be solved.
do you like mark that solution?
or will paranoia drive you crazy?
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