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Construction of Israeli spacecraft to the moon begins
Published: 16.09.17, 11:24
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1. for your PM or the haredi? what you goofies want on the moon
epo   (09.17.17)
2. Rather position kinetic projectiles
Avi L.   (09.17.17)
3. Only reason to go to the moon: escape Earth's antisemites!
4. i thought israel was out the running
zionist forever   (09.19.17)
I heard that because of existing contracts Space X who are providing the rocket will not be able to launch this year and that would put Space IL out of the competition because to remain you must launch in 2017.
I hope the situation has changed and the Israeli lander can be launched this year and be in the running for the prize and even better to be the first ones to arrive and win the prize money.
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