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Drunk man attacks Jewish women in NYC, mistaking them for Muslims
Published: 16.09.17, 18:07
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1. Oy, we get it both ways! Almost funny, but poignant as well:
there IS no big difference between the mindset of religious followers of Imaginary Friend- they all want others to "see" the Truth.
Just like they do, with their gouged out inner eyes....
2. A man bites dog moment
David ,   New york   (09.19.17)
Not a lot of muslims getting beat up for being muslims
Not a lot of Jews confused with muslims
3. Ironic
Abe leehane ,   Ta   (09.22.17)
" Git aht off my cantrrry" says the Greek immigrant Demetrus Zias
4. muslims are the prime target of hate crimes in the us and

And, deservedly so.

Call it the
'wrath of G-d.'
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