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Facebook founder shares photos of family Shabbat evening
Published: 16.09.17, 19:09
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1. did his wife convert? or is he running for political office?
2. Shabbat??
Sholem ,   Dolev   (09.16.17)
Zuckerberg, you gave the Kiddush cup to your goyish child and had Challa with your goyishe wife...
You really don't get it do you? You tell the whole story about how the Kiddush cup has been in the family for a hundred years, while that's ended now, the yichus is gone, no more Jews. Your family must turning in their grave... May you be zocher to derived much goyishe nachas from your offspring

3. Why did he not remember his Jewishness
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.17)
when he was marrying ?
4. Fakebook
Moishe ,   golutsk   (09.17.17)
It is a fake Shabbos, nobody takes picture after "Shabbos" candles are lit
5. Most of these posts reflect a very special LovingKindness
Jewess ,   Israel   (09.16.17)
Here we are at the end of Elul, singing out Slihot, and yet there are still so many who find it easy to judge and criticize another human being.
What is the point of Zuckerberg's post? I don't know he didn't say.
What is known is that he is Jewish, he has a sister who is Orthodox, and he has a wife who isn't Jewish.
Perhaps Zuckerberg's Orthodox sister is filled with real and true lovingkindness and she's helping him to see the way.
Perhaps Zuckerberg's wife is considering converting.
Perhaps if we were truly filled with lovingkindness we would find our way to thinking positively about another human being.
Anyway, Shanna Tova all y'all.
6. Never mind his kiddush, actions are stronger than hallah and
his actions so far have not been too "confidence-building" to say the least.
7. Truthfully: not a very important "Jew" in my opinion, to be
concerned with. His comings& goings aren't that interesting.
As each of us, he has freedom to do as he pleases in life (only millions of times more so:-)).
Powerful, yes Sirree, that he is!
So he eats hallah occasionally, WOW!
8. Zuckerbergs selfpromotion
tiki ,   belgium   (09.16.17)
Instead off dumb pictures promoting his ''Jewishness'' he better clean out his Facebook from being a platform for Jew haters & Israel slanderers.
9. the same comment can be made of Jared & Ivanka Trump
10. the negative TBers here lick Ivanka's stilettos!
because. well. she's blond. and well she converted.
because. well. y'all are a bit self-serving and self-servicing.
11. Unless his kid converts to Judaism
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (09.17.17)
the child remains a Gentile.

That's the ruling that the MOTHER be a Jew in order for the child to be automatically a Jew.
12. re: Racist Judaism isn't a race it's a religion.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (09.17.17)
13. Sholem your right!!!!!
BBB   (09.17.17)
110% right on the mark.
( No pun intended.)
14. re: Racist Judaism isn't a race it's a religion.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (09.17.17)
15. Pork on the shabbat?
Jarvis ,   Joseph, USA   (09.18.17)
His wife is obviously a stranger.
Strangers make it happen.
He knows the rules you don't enforce the Law.
don't you get it? Photos on the shabbat.
How you try to enforce it.
The clean and unclean schmucks.
Putteth thy hand in thy chest!
Now taketh out! Put it back.
House of Eli! Jeshurun you dont know jack.
16. Lol
Jarvis ,   Joseph, USA   (09.18.17)
Every single one took a foriegn wife. Duh!
17. Why the hostility. Its nice he tries to remembers traditions
Alan ,   SA   (09.25.17)
18. Not enough room for your star thing anyway.
Jarvis ,   Joseph, USA   (10.08.17)
A table to write and eat on.
A candle stick with seum knops
Plates Cups and utensils
it all fits the star thingy would put you over the 1 talon limit.
19. Unless his wife converted their child is a Gentile
BBB   (10.10.17)
but, don't let that stop this wonder kin he believe he knows everything.
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