Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Demand to cancel Iran deal is an Israeli spin
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 17.09.17, 11:28
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1. Ron has been wrong many times
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.17.17)
In the U.S. there are influential voices that demand cancelling unlawful agreement between naturalized citizen Obama and Iran.

It was never approved by Congress.
2. "Lawful"?! What have we got bloodsucking lawyers for?
3. Mon Cherry bubble boy on FB approves appeasement of terror
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.17.17)
4. Gallilean Ron Ben Yishai born 5 centuries too late
ab   (09.17.17)
He'd made a splendid spokesman for His Holliness the Bishop ,Supervisor of the Infidel Ghetto Jews.
His heart beats for the Justice,not for this pesky Israel daring to think about its future,and the Justice is with the Mullahs ,so similar to the Bishop.
Israel is of course the only country in the World worried by the Glorious Iran.
Besides ,Ben Yishai's wife looks better in the burka
5. the entire premise of "pressure" on US is an illusion
Rafi ,   US   (09.17.17)
The vast majority of the Amer public - Demo and Repub - are staunchly opposed to taking on any new overseas commitments, particularly anything involving military.

This is THE prism thru which Ben-Yishai's analysis should be viewed... Also the reality that only military pressure is likely to move Iran out of Syria. In other words: NO CHANCE of pressuring Trump Admin on anything!

Meanwhile Obama Admin historic strategic blunder was release of $100's of millions that facilitated Iranian/ Hizbollah activity in Syria.
6. Gibberish. Nothing has changed.
Jackieboy   (09.17.17)
Except Iran is moving closer to Israel. It will need to be countered or N.Korea will look like a cakewalk.
7. Come on
Avi L.   (09.17.17)
Come on, who still believe that talking to Donald is anything but loosing time?

Anybody noticed Bibi's very different facial expressions now and when Donald promised whatever Bibi's wanted to hear "whatever you want my special friend, the sky is the limit" ... and Bibi was seeing a future of unlimited power ... only to realize that he found himself a super Bibi, the ultimate used car seller, the Master Of The Deal, the guy who owes hundreds of millions to the US banks and is president of the US.

Call AA, got more chances.
8. the United States is a superpower many times over
C   (09.17.17)
it is not a lackey of the moribund west.

trump will make his decision based on the interests of the us as he sees
them and based on the advice of his generals.

the time when the us, under obama, made deals that were just political
agreements and without even any agreement with congress are over.

the shia terror regime has to resort to mercenaries just to keep syria.
iran is not a great power.
iran can cause damage, especially to israel, but such acts would
result in the destruction of the iran terror regime, its nuclear and ballistic
programs as well as its conventional forces.
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