Opinion  Smadar Perry
Get Netanyahu and Abbas to shake hands, Mr. President
Smadar Perry
Published: 17.09.17, 19:24
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1. I'd really love to understand the thought process (or lack
thereof) by such people as this Author.
I really do not comprehend the logic or the willpower to deny facts on the ground, while repeating old mantras from tens of years ago..
Even then they were nothing but lies & wishful thinking.
2. All I can muster is a head shake at this unbelievable
crack of basic real-world intelligence. I cannot find other, less degrading reasons
3. Even better ,have Smadar dance belly dance for Abbas Effendi
ab   (09.17.17)
4. Yes! I agree with you Smadar Perry.
cfspirit ,   fr and dz   (09.17.17)
5. Give it a rest, Press.
18e4vw8 ,   Gallatin, TN   (09.17.17)
The photo op would be known world-wide as staged. The US liberals would use it as the falsehood it would be drive a greater wedge b/t US & Israel.
6. Demand Bibi prosecute Abbas for mass murder
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.18.17)
Abbas is the terrorist monster behind the horrific sadistic murders of the Munich Massacre and many others. It is despicable to let him continue to walk free. Demand Bibi prosecute Abbas for mass murder. Not only is that the right thing to do. It would also rightly sully the entire evil fictional "Palestinian" cause. Its about time Israelis started being their own best friends.
7. The UN is for making peace under any and all conditions.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.19.17)
Peace and cooperation are what the UN was created for, created for war avoidance. Each side to a conflict naturally sees the other side responsible, sees itself justified to state its claims at the UN forum. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, talkers of all sorts, some better and some worse come to New York and make their schpiel, which overall amount to nothing if the peace agreement is not reached. We will watch Netanyahu and Abbas make their schpiel, maybe even nod our heads in agreement with this or that. But based on contributions from Palestinians and Israel at the UN in the past, this UN session in New York will amount to nothing also. Too bad, just darn too bad.
8. Shake hands?
Is she nuts?
Yes definitely yes!
9. Smadar suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome as an infant
that explains everything
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