Extending its hand ‘in peace,’ Hamas backs Abbas into a corner
Elior Levy
Published: 17.09.17, 23:20
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1. These Arabs will soon murder each other, before they renew
their killing of Jews.
nothing very "interesting" or useful in reading their intentions.
Old as their filthy "religion".
2. good luck fatas
hamas plus fatah equals fatas, a new party set to indulge its leaders even more
and convert wealth into fat asses,
3. Hamas knows how to handle Abbas.Israel hasnt a clue
Alan ,   SA   (09.18.17)
4. One for all & all for one.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.18.17)
It's touching to see how this Palestinian family loves each other & unites.
They looooooove each other to death!
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