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Elor Azaria wasn’t on my mind, says soldier who shot Halamish terrorist
Yossi Yehoshua, Reuven Weiss
Published: 19.09.17, 00:52
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1. Azaria should be a shining beacon to all our soldiers.
The lobotomized, progressive, liberal, leftist, "democratic": whatever they prefer to call themselves dregs of Israeli society can kindly move to Sweden.
That country is a living& breathing result of their dreams and aspirations.
Just like the Big Dreamer, Shimon Perski, they are blissfully oblivious to the damage they cause all of us, while concentrating on their narcissistic impulses, as result of being brainwashed by Utopian gibberish.
2. this young man is one of the giants of the earth
C   (09.19.17)
the muslim savages want to murder people only for living where they
live as jews.
they murder people everywhere, out of sheer hatred and revenge.
the koran does not contain the ten commandments.
under islam, murder is illegal, but not a sin against god.
islam is a religion of war and of subjugation.
even today, muslims want to destroy the jewish state and
annihilate its jewish population.
the young terrorist who savagely murdered members of the
solomon family was taught to murder by his family and
3. Oketz unit: the dogs
C   (09.19.17)
it is not an exaggeration to say that very often dogs are better than
there were stories in the death camps where dogs refused to
follow the orders of their ss masters to attack defenceless jews
and ran away only to be beaten later.

military dogs deserve the honour given them when they die.
they sacrifice their own lives to save the lives of their human masters.
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