Opinion  Alex Fishman
If North Korea can do it, so can Iran
Alex Fishman
Published: 23.09.17, 08:37
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1. UK US overthrows Iran democracy 1953, Iran nukes necessary
Steve Benassi   (09.23.17)
... so it never happens again.

Jewish greed for Palestinian land will be the end of the JewNazis, again.
2. aah: Crystal Ball-reading "experts", same folks that year
after year tell us all they want to hear :-)
Soon any 12-year old with a basement will be able to print his own mini-nuke and detonate it at his favorite high-school...(that's the American scenario)
The more traditional Muslims will do it all over, regardless of collateral (fellow Muslims) damage, 'cause it's an honor to die for Jihad& the Prophet and the whole of diseased Islam.
3. Pakistan, N-Korea & Iran
tiki ,   belgium   (09.23.17)
And the world is sleeping, while blaming Trump for giving a 'harsh speech in the UN and applauding Iran's representative as the 'moderate messenger of peace.

What else must occur before these self deluding "experts" understand their own BS?
4. turning nuclear fissile material into a nuclear bomb
C   (09.23.17)
it is not complicated as long as you have the blueprints of the rogue
scientist by the name of a.q. kahn.
the pakistani gave the blueprints to iran who gave them to north korea
in exchange for building a nuclear reactor and ballistic
missile technology.
netanyahu had warned the united states about the iran threat,
but washington preferred to remain silent.
trump needs to take out nk's nuclear and conventional sites as
soon as possible
5. Iran is proceeding nicely in N K building their A Bombs
Alan ,   SA   (09.24.17)
out of sight from the US and EU etc. DONT THINK THEIR ATOMIC CONSTRUCTION HAS STOPPED AS PER THAT RUBBISH AGREEMENT.Its alive and well in North Korea.
To me the Korean Rocket and Iranian Rockets launched THIS past week look exactly same. Its all "Pret a Porter " stuff manufactured by Korean Factories.
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