Trump’s Mideast policy: No motivation, no courage
Colonel (res.) Eldad Shavit
Published: 23.09.17, 23:43
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1. Colonel, we can't save the region from itself
Cameron   (09.24.17)
A never ending circus of clowns, jugglers, and wild animals it be.

Time & effort best spent in other areas.
2. Trump is taking the best approach
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.24.17)
So far courting the Arabs and offering them candies in the form of money and concessions has not worked. It did the opposite, encouraged them to unspeakable acts of bestiality.

When Arabs realize that world powers don't care about them they will resign to accepting Israel's conditions for peace in full.
3. Why do we want a change?
Gil ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.17)
Everything is going great - he's keep his hands off as he should. The situation is great, let's keep it as it is.
4. Author seems perplexed by the fact, that after 8 months of
"ruling the World" (with domestic enemies left and right) Donald Trump has not managed to turn years of lopsided policies on their head?!
That sounds like another "expert" opinion indeed.
5. This is should not be a surprise
Tova ,   Canada   (09.24.17)
This has nothing to do with Donald Trump. President Lincoln, Johnson, were probably the only 2 president that had any interest. Lincoln was a very strong Christian and understood Jewish History and why Jews are important as GOD,s chosen people and Lincoln knew Jews were crucial to the wealth and properity of the United States, no just in the economic future of the US, but also of a free people. Lincoln also protected Jewish business owners during the civil war as Jews were also involved in the freeing of black slaves.

Johnson supported Israel during his administration whole american politicians spoke against Israel. From Kennedy to Clinton to Obama none of them were intersted in Israel. Trump knows he cannot doing anything for Israel. Trump will be too busy with America. Israel should know by now that no american leader will ever support Israel. There is too much fear in the world. As was in the 6 days war Israel fought alone and so too Israel will be alone in the next war. Democrats in the US and Liberals in Canada don.t care. Canada for sure will never support Israel. Do not be fooled in thinking Trudeau supports Israel. Canada is a country that will do whatever is popular view just to be liked.
6. why put everytyhing on trump and usa
jerald   (09.24.17)
-even lieberman is now singing bibi's tune-please usa, look at Iranian rocket. take care of them please.

bibi has been doing this for some 20 years. why, because he is scared stiff from his commando days of being shot and lying helpless in egyptian waters needing rescue. no shame in that. but the average person recovers and say lets get going again. not bibi-now everything needs to be handled by usa or israeli concessions. iran hit-of course not. smash hamas, no, just do bandaids. bibi could not hit iranian reactors under any circumstances. he is gutless and it is evident. israel's govt ought to shut up with pleas and take care of business themselves.

yet even with all of this, israelis media do not select bennett or feiglin who will go alll the way. the media prefers weaklings gabbay, herzog lapid and livni.

to illlustrate how out of touch bibi is with security issues, he had no clue that he would need firefighting planes prior to the carmel fire. any half with would say i need at least 6 planes and a big water bomber. not bibi.

then in the gaza war, he sat there like a log being forced by bennett to attack the tunnels. he had no clue himself.

the idf should have taken bibi aside and trained him extra hard or thrown him out of the idf. he does not have the instinct of a soldier, not at alll.
7. israel has to start doing its own thing
mark   (09.24.17)
israel cannot forever be the servant running to the master for help. whether peres, bibi, olmert, livni, lapid, herzog, bibi and now lieberman, this endless only america can do this has limits. besides trump cares for himself first. israel does not count in his thinking.

it used to be whether the 6 day war, the osiraq hit, entebbe, israel did some things on its own. now wiht bibi, and even lieberman, its back to the servant stage. enough of this.

throw out bibi, likud should have a con vention, bennett should be the new pm. enough of the subservient israel which only harms deterrence. one need only look at bibi's record, lousy raid on the marmora underequipping commandos, no hit on iran of any kind, anemic performance in gaza war, and apoogy to buffoon and liar erdogan for nothing. add it up and what do you get??? you know the answer. shteinitz, erdan, elkin, katz, hanegbi are all cut from the same cloth.

the only true leaders ready to take on what lies ahead are bennett, feiglin, maybe saar, and barkat. the rest are a sad joke of lets run to the usa.
8. iraj
ed   (09.24.17)
never mind trump, erdogan and maliki.

kurds shoujld drive quickly to a referendum and then declare the independent state of kurdistan. if turkey invades kurdistan, kurds should get help from friendly powers. they were the only real fighters against isis, the iraqis needed to be propped up by mattis to count. israel should be doing all it can under the table.

a free kurdistan breaks up the arab axis and provides a true friend to theeast. trump is wrong about a referendum. supporting erdogan is a waste of time.and kurdistan also buffers iran as it is on its western flank. eventually kurds from iran and turkey can join in. one day there will be a new govt in turkey which will take a different view on the kurds.

the kurds deserve a state for sure. they are non arabs, think differently, are modern, and have suffered enough. israel should be helping them and not just with slogans.
9. Compare 8 months to 8 years
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.24.17)
Trump is on the way to sorting out the region
Unlike his predecessor who supported Iran and made the region what it is today
10. At last a president that's gonna try do something
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.24.17)
Instead of one that speaks with forked tongue and stabs friends in the back
11. Do it's the end off the world
Joseph ,   USA   (09.24.17)
Because the U.S. leadership is as ineffective as of those of the last 70 years?
12. Yo Dude: we've learned to decipher "courage" when the likes
of you use it.....
Try something new, somewhere else....
13. Congrats for the article
Avi L.   (09.24.17)
Finally someone that states the situation in clear words, maybe that's why he didn't made general.

It changes from the D class action movie plots from self serving "advisors" that have the cheek to try and sell them as "deep geopolitical thoughts".

With such a comics character Israel is alone.

Anybody starting to regret Donald's victory and Hillary's defeat due to some USSR operation?

With a reality-showman in charge of your enemy's government you get half the job done.

Maybe putting in charge Stallone or Gi-Joe or Spider Man would have been better for the Western World and for the rest of the world's people too.
14. Bibi & Trump: both all smoke & mirrors
Rafi ,   US   (09.24.17)
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