US military opens its first base in Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.09.17, 21:48
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1. Stupid move by Israel
Oleg ,   Florida   (09.19.17)
2. Israel now an official american proxy and puppet.
Z.Latz ,   israel   (09.19.17)
It marks as a last day of israel's official "independence".
3. Be absolutely clear though
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (09.18.17)
The US shares ZERO information directly with Israel. It shares almost nothing at all even after running back through an approval process back home. And - at its highest level of staffing, it's about 40 people.
4. inevitability
Cameron   (09.19.17)
5. what difference does it make?
shloime ,   toronto   (09.19.17)
so now, the same radar that has operated for 10 years with civilian (i.e. mercenary) operators, will be operated by americans still in the service. apart from conceding israel's long-standing policy of not allowing foreign troops on israeli soil, it should make no difference to the operation, or to the (non-) sharing of its data. and it will only make israel more of a target for the mad mullahs, since they'll be able to strike "the great satan" as well as "the little satan" with the same blow. sending them a reminder of this is not much of a disincentive.
6. It is a kinda "Liberty" on land.Its to spy on IL air movemen
Alan ,   SA   (09.19.17)
movements! Tell us how it helps Israel? How much info does it send IMMEDIATELY HOTFOOT to the KIRYA.?ZERO because it is there to make sure Israel is a good boy and not sneaking off somewhere that USA doesnt want Israel to sneak off to.. The Russians watch Israel from Syria and off coast and US watches Israel from this already 10 year old base (now with a brand new StarsnStripes)
Oleg ,   Florida   (09.19.17)
America does not know how to make love. It is a RAPIST!!!
8. Welcome to Israel enjoy it GI's.
BBB   (09.19.17)
A great partnership every good wish for continued success.
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