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Russia rejects lawsuit to learn fate of Swedish war hero Wallenberg
Published: 19.09.17, 08:23
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1. Russians murdered poor Wallenberg
C   (09.19.17)
we shall always be immensely grateful to this kind hearted man who
saved tens of thousands of jewish lives--one of the very few.
2. Putin could get the answer in 20 minutes...
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.20.17)
That's presuming he doesn't already know. The world knows the Russians took him and jailed. The world knows he languished in Russian prisons for decades.

Why can't Putin put an end to all the speculation? Could it put the Russians in an even worse light? (Is that even possible?) It's simple decisions like this, to not tell the world what happened, that makes everyone believe Putin is a duplicitous dirtbag.
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