We’ll always have Iran
Alon Pinkas
Published: 19.09.17, 12:01
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1. “You Were Given The Choice Between War And Dishonor-Churchil
Alan ,   SA   (09.19.17)
“You Were Given The Choice Between War And Dishonor. You Chose Dishonor And You Will Have War.”

These are the words spoken by Winston Churchill on the immediate aftermath of the signing of the Munich treaty which gave Czechoslavakia to the Nazis in return for “peace in our time,” but in less that a year the World was at war with Nazi Germany.
2. These eternal Jewish schemers lik Pinchs with their queitely
ab   (09.19.17)
You were quieter than grass during Obamas making out with mullahs,and to what avail ?
3. Bibi is good at delivering hot air
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (09.19.17)
Nothing has ever been done about what he talks about
4. Pinkas isn't "serving" our country much by this anti-Bibism!
5. Is AhMADinejadism back in Iran
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.19.17)
The increased levels of colourful macho gung ho and gangster rhetoric and threats coming back to the fore so reminiscent of their strutting dundahead in chief AhMADinejad and his cohorts in the RG

Wouldn’t be surprising if he was the next Comeback Kid driving Iran in to deeper isolation, viewed with even deeper suspicion and setting back Irans economy further into self inflicted recession and possible collapse

6. Yawn! another Netanyahu scare tactic 2 keep himself in power
Amalia Bye-Tita ,   Israel   (09.19.17)
I am a survivor of Iranian terrorism...and for close to 30 years I have watched Netanyahu saber rattle and use Iran to scare all of us.
Given that I survived an Iranian act of terrorism...I don't scare easy.
Unfortunately, most Israelis do scare easily and so they suck down Netanyahu's demagoguery as if it was G-d's truth. (It isn't)
At the end of the day, Netanyahu's demagoguery will lead us to hell in a hand basket...my advice? Keep your second passport current!
7. pinkas is right and wrong
jerald   (09.19.17)
pinkas is right about bibi being nothing about empty speeches. that is all he does. he has no backbone and begs ohters to do israel's work for it. he has no gutls which is obvous in his conduct of the gaza war and the iran file.

pinkas however should look in themirror ot to see how wrong he has been. olmert, olmert was worse than any pm with his concessions and corruption. herzog, a pygmie whose weaknesss is legendary. peres, who was wrong on almost everything.

thank god that pinkas is gone from any position of influence. he has been a bloody disaster.
YEHUDA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.19.17)
"WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE IRAN" isn't necessarily true. Just like cataclysmic natural disasters have recently struck America and the Caribbean Islands, Iran is long overdue for a massive earthquake. Teheran sits smack on a huge seismic fault line. I'm getting a bit tired of Alon Pinkas' anti Bibi tirades. I realize that Pinkas is a "dyed-in-the-wool" lefty and is consequently given a platform by Ynet, but constantly repeating the mantra of how ineffective and bad Bibi is - well- it's kind of stale already. Besides- who would replace Bibi- Avi Gabbai??? Ehud Barak??? Herzog???? Tzipi Livni??? I think not.
9. Pinkas is one of Oslo Architects. This says everything.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.19.17)
10. Pinkas wants diplomatic action with genocidal Shia regime
C   (09.19.17)
pinkas would also have advised diplomatic solution with the hitlerite regime.

almost every week I read a new article which divulges further the extreme
sadism of the hitlerite regime which used sadistic torture even on
young children and young girls.
11. like I said I don't scare easy, surely this regime will pass
and then it will be people like me who will rebuild.
Because my friend truly damaged people are very dangerous, for we know that we can survive.
Shanna Tova to you and yours.
12. Let Bibi enjoy his 15 minutes in the limelight. He'll depart
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.21.17)
in peace now along with his wife and grow vegetables in the sand of Cesarea. No way, Bibi will never move to Sde Boker, it's too dry and hot there. He'll be doing much better than 99.99 percent of Israelis where he is. Someone will write a Ph.D. dissertation someday based on the 15 speeches Bibi gave at the General Assembly and nobody will ever spend the 15 minutes needed to read it.
13. A reason for Pinkas to be happy
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.22.17)
If Trump does decide to cancel the agreement on October 15, by then everyone will have forgotten Pinkas's article and his vehement assurance that it will never happen.
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