Relations between Israel and US Jewry must be mended
Yael Patir
Published: 21.09.17, 23:59
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1. Seems the general stupidity beyond imaginable, that affects
humanity at the moment, has taken toll at our brethren in the US as well.
How else can you explain their suicidal behaviour in face of all the signs attesting to the the arrival of something wicked in the minds of gentiles of America?
NOW they want to be "independent" of Israel & our policy, decisions, the way we choose for ourselves??!
Like: really????
2. was this article crafted in Moscow?
rt007   (09.22.17)
israeli journalists are not the exception.

they should try to evade the active measures traps.

let us stay enlightened westerners.

let us refrain from polarizing provocations.
3. Maybe try self-examination instead of preaching politics.
someone   (09.22.17)
There has been an area for egalitarians to pray for years he is openly lying and Ynet knows this.

The question is about who controls the area and recognition of non-orthodox Judaism as a valid form of the religion. Interestingly up on Rosh Hashanah when Orthodox cant see it.

From what I understand the area is being expanded and renovated but mostly empty. Although not so good for the history and architecture at the area in question. Interesting how many on the left don't seem to care about nature and history if it doesn't support their agenda.

As for claim of Israels best interests. That is nonsense while totally subjective. Can you name one time J St has stood alongside Israel? Are you saying nothing Israel does is in its interests? For that matter what policies which the majority of Israelis support does J St support when it comes to politics? Another example of those on the left knowing best.

The Jewish public is being targeted more and more due to political moves on the left which support groups like BLM/ANTIFA/JVP/CAIR. Its not Nazis banning Jews from forums on Campuses or from Pride parades but so called Left progressives. Yes White Supremacists are becoming a bigger problem in the US but more people including a large portion of the J St community support the groups mentioned above and they have been involved in much more violence and antisemitism than Nazis until lately. The claim I see from White Supremacists is that most US Jews are hostile to their interests whether mass illegal immigration, attacks on Christianity and religion in general, the PC restrictions in free speech and the general all white males are racist/sexist/antisemitic.... Its got so bad that Jewish orgs throughout are being hijacked by left wing activists with political agendas not humanitarian ones.

Imagine we live in a world where Jewish orgs are calling other Jews Nazis based on association or by stating facts that are not liked.

Support for Israel in the US is mostly from the Orthodox Jews and Christian community not from the J St community whose history is clear.

Protecting Soros one of your funders is another key. He has openly admitted on camera to manipulating currency and having the ability to bring down governments and economies. He is also known to be a major funder of everything anti-Israel including org calling for violence and spreading lies about Israel. I dont agree with the meme.

Amazing how you can condemn Israel for a Soros meme when you are the one perpetuating the same myths against Israel on a regular basis.

Adding Amnesty and its long hostility towards Israel on the level of being antisemitic according to Western official definitions. More virtue signaling. Another HR org hijacked by political activists.

Wonder if this makes it through the censorship?
4. Is blaming all Jews for Israel's bad behavior legitimate?
Steve Benassi   (09.22.17)
If all, or most Jews support Israel, then the answer is Yes.
5. This Op-ed represents my opinion.
Stan ,   Israel   (09.22.17)
As well as that of tens of thousands who came to live in Israel over the past seventy years.
There are some people, including about 90% of those writing the comments above, who believe that only orthodox Judaism should be allowed, they are wrong. The way things are going in Israel, this country will turn into a Jewish version of Iran and Afghanistan..
6. there's one consistent priority for Bibi: STAYING IN OFFICE
Rafi ,   US   (09.22.17)
that's done by placating his right-wing VOTING constituents in Israel.

Addressing concerns of non-voting Diaspora Jews - particularly liberal American ones - is not even on his radar .. even if it's to Israel's overall benefit. The latter is simply not a priority... only what's listed above is.
7. Israel US Jewish relations need to b mended !
dt ,   TA Israel   (09.22.17)
Naaaah. Not worth it . Let them sink in their own "quicksand" along with that former Nazi collaborator , George Soros.
8. If pro-Israel means supporting UNSC resolutions denying Jews
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.22.17)
any connection to Jerusalem then there is something far more wrong than the Israeli government
Where was the outrage by the "pro-Israel" camp when this UNSC resolution was engineered by the previous US administration ?
Yes - something is wrong and it's not the Israeli government despite anything that that Bibi is accused of
9. Israelis separating from Jews.That's ok,expected, unavoided.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.22.17)
10. #6 RAFI
The priority for every single leader in the world ,without exception , is to stay in office ,so why did you single out Bibi ??
11. Fake Jewish organizations are leftist Democrat shills
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.22.17)
The way to heal Israel/Diaspora Jew relations is to expose fake Jewish organizations which are leftist Democrat shills. Such as despicable Soros funded J Street.

Leftists have taken over established Diaspora organizations such as the A.D.L., which is now a front for the Democrat Party. It demonizes prominent pro-Israel Americans such as Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and, or course, President Trump.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect misuses the exalted name of a famous Jewish heroine to attack Israel's conservative friends and shill for the Democrat Party. It supports inundating America with Jew hating Muslims, whose view of Jews is similar to Hitler's.
12. Yael Patir, J-Street
C   (09.22.17)
you need to wake up.

jew hatred in the entire west has increased a thousand fold since
saint obama became president.
obama represents the islamic world. soros is a marxist.
according to press reports, jews are under increasing threat
in the us, and ven more so in europe.

you need israel more than israel needs you.
american jews have no means to defend themselves.
israel is a sovereign state with a powerful army.
stop your foolish threats.
13. Reformation
HERMAN   (09.23.17)
I now direct my charity $ to animal welfare groups. I used to be a regular
contributor to Israeli charities but it now seems that they are mostly run
by questionable Rabbis in Brooklyn....Did my money ever get to needy
families in Israel ?...Further the near Theocracy that is now Israel turns me
off ...Yes I am one of those hated Reform Jews! It is enough the black hats
are running large sections of Brooklyn now they are running Israel
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