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Palestinian terrorist to be deported to Jordan from Chicago
Associated Press
Published: 19.09.17, 17:18
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1. It shouldn't take this long to deport such "undesirables"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.19.17)
There was no justification for overturning Odeh's original conviction, but her plea deal to accept deportation was reached early this year. Yet month after month, I saw she was still active in her "cause", still making public appearances, and I was left asking, "Why is she still here?!"

A proper deportation system would have put her into custody, and on a plane out of the country with 24 hours.
2. She can now help the women that really need it in Jordan
jos rechtman ,   la   (09.19.17)
3. "She is widely respected for her work"-even a killer can be
Alan ,   SA   (09.19.17)
"widely respected'???????If she had killed 2 people with bombing in the USA , she would have gone to that deep underground jail somewhere under the Rocky Mountains where they push Pizzas under the door -not been swapped and now "widely respected!" But it was only 2 Jews in Israel so it was OK .Is Hippy Manson now widely respected?He also killed a few innocents?
4. write your own articles ynet stop posting AP propaganda
Zushi   (09.20.17)
5. And Hitler built the Autobahn
Isac ,   Palm Beach   (09.20.17)
What a filth Odeh is!
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