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More than 6,000 can’t get married in Israel
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Published: 22.09.17, 09:43
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1. Male corrup rabbis
Dan ,   Tel aviv   (09.22.17)
1- most Israeli Jews aren't religious either.
2- the male rabbis hate women, leave women chained in abusive relationships suffering.
3- I want a list of all the male rabbis and people in 'kollel' who don't work, don't go to the army, take huge benefits in the form of money they get from
My crazy high taxes while there are thousands of families living in poverty and going hungry and getting almost no benefits.
4- I want a list of the finances of how these poor rabbis and kollel students have enough money to go to Uman to visit graves and whorehouses.
5- I want a list of every single rabbi who has been allowed by the corrupt rabbanut to sexually abuse children without any recourse.

These are the lists that need to be published. Why are individual politicians who feign that they are rabbis get to determine who is Jewish? For all their crimes against the Torah and their fellow people they are not Jewish and certainly do not reflect the tenants of the torah
2. Conundrum
Jez ,   Netanya   (09.22.17)
Israeli couple marry under orthodox rabbis in Israel. Go abroad get civil divorce in say USA. Remarry Jewish partners in USA in reform ceremony. Return to Israelsrael with children of their new partnerships. 2 husband's/wives?
3. Send simply these Russians back home and do not
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (09.22.17)
bring them in anymore.
4. Its' all right, I think the Rabbinate is on more than 6.000
people's black list!
5. If you willingly put your life&future in the hands of Mafia-
like outfit and get married there, because of...WHAT exactly???!
You'll pay less taxes, your kids won't have to do the Army?
Your passport will still say "Israeli", you will not get social security?!
Oh, I see: you won't be considered "one of the Tribe", by whom exactly?
Yes, the very same drugged-out on Mossiah Mafia, that uses and abuses it's prisoners with not many qualms if any at all....
Suit yourself.
Let them marry you, let them bury you (if they so please)
6. why some people still make alyah?
ex-oleh chadash   (09.25.17)
Apartments are crazy expensive, and now this... problems, only. Problems, problems and problems, kol ha-zman!
This is like a third world country.
I gave up.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.25.17)
We have so much projedice againt others. There is a reason why Islam has become the fastest growing religion on earth now. We are workign againt each other and dividing the population. Obvioslly, the best Jew in Israel is a white Ashkenazi from Western Europe. Was moses European? I really don't get how we do not allow people to convert and make alliyah? What the heck is this keepign the Jewish blood pure? For what? So we can be so few and defensless?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.25.17)
You call yourself a Jew? So what if they are nort 100% Jewish? They are commiting to the countey and contributing to it. People like you have made teh world turned against us.
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