Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Netanyahu's implicit threat to bring down Iranian regime
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 20.09.17, 12:12
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1. All right, can I have my Double Mac now, please?
Let us meet with the iranians habibi ,we can share some turkish coffee ,some hummus ,shawarma eeeh and chill eehhh ,maybe a little arak eehhhhh to oil the wheels habibi . This life is too short for endless conflict motek eeeehhhhhhhhh
3. Make my day, bomb Iran, self-destructing JewNazis will hang
Steve Benassi   (09.20.17)
4. Paranoid Crowd
Mashdi ,   Tehran   (09.21.17)

Why are these paranoid people here are so easily swayed this way and that, are deceived one way or the other with slightest opinion, rethoric and bluster. Bibi has done nothing and will do nothing and could not even if he wanted to, that is why he travels to Sochi, Washington etc. etc. again and again. Trump will ride the wave, milk the Saudis, the neocon crowd and his supporters through bluff, bluster and rethoric. Even if he exits the nuclear deal no issue of yours will be resolved. Yes may be Bibi will get re-elected. Isn't it sad that all your hopes are hinged on these two showman.
What you need is a real politician who can make meaningful political move for a meaningful peace, yes even with Iran, preserving your identity, enough land for a sovereign state and a peaceful, prosperous country. America and Israel have gone to bed with worse. The only and only way for endless life for all and all in the ME is through peace. No one will be permitted to rule or colonize the rest. Window of opportunity is closing for all. No amount of arms will guarantee peace for anyone in the ME. No amount of hatred or wishful thinking on anyone's part will ever solve any long term existential threat to anyone.
5. In UN you make peace not war.Donald & Bibi wasted their time
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.21.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.22.17)
Mullahs hate the Suadi mullahs. How come none of the lazt royals of Mecca talk in UN about this? That is what UN is for. Let them bang heads and kill one another. Iranian themselves wil not go ot war with Israel. They understand the Israelis. Let the Sunni & Shia mullahs fiht it out. Don't get sucked in, Bibi. The Saudis are just standign by & watching their slaves puppets, Bibi & Trump do the dirty work. Why?
7. Good for Israel !!!
BBB   (09.22.17)
"Death to Iran"
has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
8. There will Never be Peace
shammock112 ,   Macon   (09.24.17)
There will never be peace in Israel as long as Israel is willing to give up land.

Four thousand years ago the Creator of the Universe made an everlasting covenant with a Hebrew named Abraham. All the land from the Euphrates to the Nile belongs to the Sons of Israel. Shock waves will shake the earth as Heaven reaches down to fulfill that promise. Every nation that attempts to interfere with that Covenant will march onto the Battlefield against the “All Mighty”!
9. Many of us are with Pres Trump and P M Bibi
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.17)
10. The King of the Universe Will Not Abandon Israel!!!!!
Adonai is unafraid. He always protects His Land. He is Ish Milchamah, man of War. All who stand against Israel, the Apple of His eye, will be blown to Smithereens!!! Israel, trust in G-d, for He is your help and shield!!!
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