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Anti-immigrant AfD alarms German Jews as election looms
Published: 21.09.17, 09:45
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1. They can be "alarmed" as much as they want, but THIS is the
very road to Europe's downfall as result of inexplicably suicidal policies of their governments.
Muslim invasion will cause internal, aboriginal strife (easily foreseen).
Baby (Jews) may be thrown out with bathing water once more....
2. Everything about the Jew is
Rob ,   Boston, Mass   (09.21.17)
Everything about the Euro Jew is Europe. Who are these peoples and just why are they in the so--called holy land?
3. Total Madness Jews living in Germany
80years0change ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.17)
Really is hard to respect a Jew who
Willing decides to live in Germany one woman mentioned returned
To East Germany in the 1950's must
Have been an assimilated Jewish communist self hater and the Russian Jews half of which aren't went for financial gain shame and more shame on them
No self respect as a Jew no sympathy should be expected Hermsns as a whole are no different from their grandparents
4. Germany is alright. Jews in Germany also alright.
rt007   (09.21.17)
Why is the public blind?

AfD, like their French and Hungarian counterparts, are most probably, by all means active measures agents.

We should be occupied to cure this Russian disease.
5. Jews in Germany
Tova ,   Canada   (09.21.17)
are no different than Jews living anywhere in the world. No country is safe for Jews. The holocaust didn;t change a thing. My family was in Auschwitz. The war was over. But anti-semitism continued no different than centuries before and centuries to come. As to why Jews live in Germany is a difficult to answer or explain. Thousands of Jews also returned to Russia - why? I think that sometimes no matter the hatred - people get use to where they live and the culture of that society. Its no different as to why would blacks want to live in America after slavery was abolished. It;s in the sould/mind of the person. In this generation Jews are easy to target rather than muslins. That is fear. The fear of Islam like Nazism - Jews are the scapegoat.
6. This is why Israel keeps building !!
Protect Jews they bring civility and knowledge.

No wonder G-d chose the Jews.
7. Israel needs more affordable housing.
BBB   (09.23.17)
KEEP BUILDING !!! Europe is suffering the Muslim invasion.
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.25.17)
history repeats. Jews always were temporary residents in Germany. Germans may get after Muslims in future. Muslims will fight back unlike Jews. civil war erupts. will not be around for the show.
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