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Abbas tells Trump: Peace deal can be reached this year
Reuters, Ynetnews
Published: 20.09.17, 19:10
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1. 'Heart&soul" is OK, as long as it's not his time!!
2. My proposal for a deal: ALL Arabs should leave Judea &
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.20.17)
Samaria !
3. "Palestine" is solely a product of Israeli masochism
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.21.17)
"Palestine" is is a hoax concocted to destroy Israel, as its leaders often admit. Yet Israel keeps it afloat with the mad flow of Israeli food, money, materials, work permits etc. Israel could shut it down within weeks simply by ending this insane support. Yet we don't. Masochism is the only explanation. The evil fictional state of "Palestine" is solely a product of Israeli masochism.
4. same old ......
steve s   (09.26.17)
More of the same old ....... same old. Of course the Palestinians feel peace is close. All Israel has to do is meet all of their demands. Guess what? That ain't going to happen. Administrations change, negotiators change (except Abbas), and the same old topics are discussed. Nothing is resolved, nor will it be resolved. The Palestinians plead victimhood and beg for more financial support. I find the repetition boring.
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