Israel on UN list of states punishing human rights activism
Published: 21.09.17, 10:59
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1. Pathetic "body" with lot of nerve!
2. The UN & their lists.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.21.17)
The UN should be on top of the list as they vote for the human rights bodies to be presided by human rights abuser

African countries, so famous for their 'human rights are not on the list.

Some West European countries, famous for letting refugees sleep in the streets, dirty camps, rain & mud are not on the list.

The UN has become a ridiculous body and so are their 'lists.
3. Andrew Gilmour is from a known anti-Israel family
Someone   (09.21.17)
Between him and his wife their hostility towards Israel was clear long ago. His father stood for a Palestinian State long before the 90's Oslo, and they have been part of the UN family for too long to have any objectivity when it comes to Israel.He helped perpetuate the Jenin massacre on world news with no evidence with claims of hundreds dead. Was a helper of Larsen another hostile towards Israel from Oslo days. She even wrote a book on it. In her book she spreads the myth that Sharon started the intifada when evidence clearly shows the Palestinians planned it months in advance and even bussed in Palestinian kids from schools throughout to Jerusalem to riot on the first days. She blames Israel and the "occupation" for Palestinian terrorism even though it started long before Israel existence. Ask Abbas what his family did in Tzfat to the Jews there in the 1800s. Blames poverty when its clearly education and culture.No surprise as they just arrived in Israel as the Oslo War began maybe forgetting the continuous massacres carried out against the local Jewish population by the local Arab population for much of the past 100 years and in lesser cases beforehand.Stop giving credibility to MSM when they have lied about Israel for years. again lazy journalism, write your own articles.
4. Muslim Israel-Bashing Cub, that's the true spirit of the UN.
5. You want to see humanity's future? Just look at the voting,
issues being "discussed"& trends of this rotten to the core organization.
There's your answer, there's the picture of the sad future awaiting our planet.
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