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Trump keeps decision on Iran nuclear deal secret, even from advisers
Associated Press
Published: 21.09.17, 16:56
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1. Good
Cameron   (09.22.17)
Let all the bastards wait & angst upon the top dog and his final decision.

2. And then one night, when no one's watching, he'll sneak out
of the White House and attack Iran when they least expect it. That, or he'll tear up the "deal" his predecessor, the Great American Deconstructionist Obama signed with the Mullahs...
In any case: it'll be tremendous thing to watch (or not, since it'll be done in the dark, at night)
3. he should keep it all a secret from everyone
C   (09.22.17)
the entire government, including the various intelligence services, have
been leaking top secret intelligence information for the sole purpose
of harming the president and the country.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.23.17)
This guy is clowning American politics and teaching it soem hard lessons. As I said before; enjoy the mullahs that you brought up to power.

5. What if he implements the plan and nobody knows???!!
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