Bet on Trump or challenge Israel? Palestinians mull strategy
Associated Press
Published: 22.09.17, 23:38
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1. More lazy journalism riddled with lies
Zushi   (09.23.17)
2. no one state solution. wrong.
epo   (09.23.17)
3. lies lies lies so no journalism on the high holidays?
Someone   (09.23.17)
There has been one new settlement in 20 years and large majority of building has been inside existing towns and villages either along the green line or in the towns even Jimmy Carter saw as part of Israel in a peace deal.

Abbas has turned down all agreements offered to him. He went on Israeli tv and admitted he didn't even reply to Olmerts offer in 2008. Abbas went on tv and basically called for an intifada as the stabbing intifada began. he should not be negotiating but sitting in jail with other terrorists. Go to MEMRI or PMW plenty of evidence.

Yes Israel captured the land in 1967 but has a legal claim from 100 years ago which is still in effect.

its not a 1/4 of historic Palestine which had totally different borders 2000 years ago. What nonsense. Jordan was part of Mandate Palestine and is nearly 80% of Mandate Palestine.

All the lies repeated so often many dont even know better.

600,000 live on land which they have a legal right to according to international law but because they are Jews. Majority of the land was not owned by any Palestinian previously. Jews lived in Gush, Hebron and numerous other areas of JUDEA AND SUMARIA before being ETHNICALLY CLEANED BY THE JORDANIANS AND ARABS IN 1948 and during dozens of massacres in the preceding decades.

Abbas the self proclaimed terrorists who goes on tv and instructs children to kill Jews. Who is a Holocaust denier. and as a leader of a terrorist group which calls for violence against civilians as a policy in their charter. who pays children to commit massacres. sick.

Settlement building or in other words. Building anything for someone born Jewish, was not a condition until a short time ago in context. Oslo is only 25 years ago

Rejecting Violence? I would say you cant make this stuff up but you have.

Disputed territory not occupied.

Sick people claiming buildings are more destructive than mass murder.

4. Jordan-solution was, is and shall remain the only viable,
possible one and that's if they hurry up & take it.
It won't remain on the table forever.
Once that fiefdom is overrun by their even more murderous brethren:
game over!
5. 12 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.23.17)
6. Piss Process is frozen, so will be the body of Abu Adolf:
in a cryonic tank, awaiting "better times".
In there, he'll be able to wait for a "Balestine", in all eternity, Amen!
7. 'palestinains' can always
BBB   (09.24.17)
go back to where they came from and, it isn't Jewish Israel.
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