Amid diplomatic flurry, calls for regional Middle East peace
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Published: 22.09.17, 15:27
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1. Arab nations most antisemitic populations in the world
Someone   (09.22.17)
Jordan Parliament openly supports terrorism against Israel

If the King falls the majority Palestinian population there will take over.
If Morsi had stayed in power Egypt would be a real danger.
Saudi Arabia could also fall or change leaders overnight.

Look at Iraq, Syia... it could happen to any of these countries even with less diverse populations.

Besides the fact that supporting Israel in Egypt is considered traitorous. Egypt was considered one of the most if not the most antisemitic country a decade ago especially with their media.
Jordan protects, enables and praises terrorism against Israel.
Saudi teachings have spread antisemitism throughout the world for decades.

Iran/Turkey will continue to support Palestinian terrorism as will Syria.

Any polls or surveys done in the Arab/Muslim world have shown a clear hostility towards not just israel but Jews in general.

The only way there can be peace is if Israels enemies believe it is too powerful to destroy.

When the majority of Palestinians supported the stabbing intifada at its inception its hard to argue that they want peace.
2. Funny
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.22.17)
There is a great paradox in Middle East.

Arabs in the region sorely need peace but don't want it with Israel or with each other.

Israel doesn't need peace, doing very well without it, but has a strong desire for peace.
3. Coalition for Peace
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.22.17)
A peace process that resolves the twin issues of Palestinian statehood and Israel security is better achieved as the Palestinian proposal with convergence and engagement of an inner circle of key stakeholders Egypt, Saudi Arabia UAE and Jordan and a wider circle of contributors that includes Turkey, Arab League, US, Russia, EU, China and Japan

The Israel-Palestine conflict is multi dimensional and so a comprehensive resolution cannot be localised but where the collective of stakeholders with convergent aims and objectives can mobilise to achieve... just that...

4. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.23.17)
These so call Palestinians do not have a leg to stand on! In 1948 in was the Arab League who order the Arabs in the west bank to leave! Then, after
the Arab Armies have slaughter the Jews they could return. The Arab Countries whom these people fled to refused to refused to take them in! Jordan used to be call Palestine!
This regional peace may work for a while but those nations just on the outside and around this regional area will nor recognize it!
General al-Sisi will allow those on the left and south of Egypt to attack Israel
also-see Eziekek 38-39.
5. Russian Active Measures......
rt007   (09.23.17)
are hurting the Arab nations more than Israel.

Russia is the common enemy of Israel and the Arab nations.

The second enemy is the corrupt leaders of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.

The first step toward rehabilitation is the complete ejection of the Russian agents from the Middle East.
6. For sure: the Arab occupiers of Israel won't mind more
"balanced&slow" approach to gradual destruction of Israel.
They'll pursue by all means any and every avenue that brings them closer to their declared goal: "Yitbah Yahud!"
7. To Norman Trubik
Stan ,   Israel   (09.23.17)
Norm, I see that you are back to that tired old argument about San Remo giving us more than the Balfour Declaration. Read BOTH of them again and you'll see that we are not given a free hand to do as we please.
We have in the past, and continue today to infringe on the rights of the non-Jewish peoples here.
I know that the Arab states screwed up more than once because they thought that they could get rid of us here. But since the Saudi Peace proposals in 2002 (which Israel ignored completely) it is clear that the Arab states are prepared to recognize Israel and live with us in peace if we negotiate a peace deal with the Pals.
8. To 90% of the Facebook comments
Stan ,   Israel   (09.23.17)
Enough already ! You people don't live here and you haven't got a clue. We now have peace with Egypt which has lasted for over 40 years. (When was there ever peace between Germany and France for 40 years before 1945 ?)
After 1949 the Jordanian kings never wanted war with us. In 1951 King Abdullah, (the great grandfather of the present king) was assassinated on the Temple Mt. for negotiating peace with Israel. King Hussein was forced by Nasser to attack Israel in Jerusalem in 1967. He later proved that he wanted to reach a peace agreement with us which he did in 1995.
Sure, most of the Arabs hate Israel because of the suffering of the Palestinians in this endless conflict. It is like a festering wound which has led to unrest among Arabs in Europe and Britain as well as in the ME.
9. For peace to succeed Arab League must surrender to Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.23.17)
10. # 8 Stan
BBB   (09.24.17)
please explain the Muslims at war with fellow Muslims.

It has NOTHING to do with Israel.

In true fact, the pals prefer living in Israel for it si the only ME nation where

Muslims live in peace with Jews, Christians or those who profess to have no religion.
11. # 2 Steve Funny? You neglected to mention
BBB   (09.24.17)
Israel HAS peace and so do her Jewish, Muslims and Christians
who live there.
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