Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Trump and Kim's game of chicken
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.09.17, 21:43
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1. Arafat's worshipper deigned us with his "analysis"
ab   (09.23.17)
2. Same was said about Kennedy before end of missile crisis
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.23.17)
3. There is a 100 year old Jewish prophecy that may portend the
Rivkah   (09.23.17)
destruction of North Korea in the opinion of Israeli Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz as reported by Rabbi Mark Biltz of Washington State in a Facebook post in August, 2017. Yalkut Moshe said that when a solar eclipse occurs exactly as it did on August 21, 2017 near the beginning of the Jewish month of Elul, the kings of the East will suffer great loss. He said kingS, so perhaps more than North Korea will suffer great loss in the Far East.
He wanted to be President , he is president .Now he wants war ,he will get war.
5. By "taking out" (to dinner) N.Korea Trump will send quite a
message to all parties involved in terror& plotting world-chaos.
So easily done, with so much bullshit being said...!
6. Rocket Man vs Demolition Man
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.24.17)
One Man Fires Rockets. The Other Man Threatens To Demolish The Man And His Country Who Fires Rockets.

Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un) vs Demolition Man (Donald J. Trump).
7. North Korea cannot win a war against the United States
C   (09.24.17)
the north can cause the murder of many people, but it cannot win a war
against the premier world power.

it is obvious that the psychopath of north korea does not care about
human suffering. indeed, he does not even care about the survival
of his own regime.
kim's megalomania and narcissism are so out of bounds that he
believes that he can frighten president trump.
his psychopathy prevents him from feeling any fear or conscience.

president trump should take care of this psychopath before kim
obliterates parts of south korea and japan. he is perfectly capable
of doing so.

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