Israeli wine exports to China skyrocket
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Published: 23.09.17, 18:25
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1. Europeans have given Jews 2 Millenia of death and misery
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.17)
Leopards don't change their spots as I have learned in past few years.(I was always an eternal optimist,but now believe I was wrong)
Try to change markets IF POSSIBLE. Relations with EU will worsen more and more.They have a horizon for destruction of Israel by about 2035 -2045 or so by demography or any other humane euthanasia.We saw how they enthusiastically drew up that UNSC resolution with Obama just before his term expired.
2. Hope the grapes in Israel are not sprayed with toxicFluoride
Rivkah   (09.23.17)
spray like the non-organic grapes in the USA are because all products made from grapes sprayed with the toxic Fluoride spray are toxic to the kidneys. Dr. Al Sears of Florida (newsletter) will not eat or drink anything made from grapes that are sprayed with the toxic Fluoride spray and advises eating and drinking only organic grape products.
3. I'm a patriot but: what do the Chinese know about wine?!
4. Arza sweet dreck not really wine!
This is what we call "Yain Patishim" (Hammer wine). It has no relationship to quality wines made in Israel.
Don't drink it!
5. We have some excellent wines at exorbitant(local) prices, so
obviously we're selling them abroad at their real value, otherwise Chinese or French: nobody would (or could) buy it.
Only us, dumb Israelis are willing to shell out our hard earned bread for sub-par merchandise/food and be happy about it...
6. Israeli wine
Alon Frank ,   Bet Shemesh   (09.25.17)
The best Israeli wine is from Tura wineries.
All their wines are excellent but the Shiraz 2014 is out of this world!
The winery is from the Shomron in a place called Rechalim.
A MUST try!!!!
7. I'll drink to that ! Mazel Tov!
BBB   (09.30.17)
Here's to Israel and to China.
8. best is from Tivon
bob   (10.17.17)
9. "Kosher" is a sign of thievery, not quality
p   (10.26.17)
It should be about quality, but today rabbis took over the kosher business
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