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Syria says victory is in sight over terrorists
Associated Press
Published: 23.09.17, 22:47
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1. ArabVictory:Destroy own country and displace half population
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.24.17)
2. only Iran is a greater terrorist then Syria
C   (09.24.17)
assad and his regime are solely responsible for the catastrophic situation
in syria.
at the start, the syrian people demonstrated peacefully.
all they wanted was a bit of freedom.
assad decided to react by taking away their young children and
torturing them horrifically.
he then decided to use illegal poison gas to muder them.
when poison gas did not kill sufficient number of them, assad
decided to use barrel bombs.
all this time assad was helped by the genocidal shia terror regime
and its terror proxies.
the islamic state was a result of assad's sadism.
the islamic state is as bad as assad, but with fewer means.
they also made the unpardonable sin of attacking innocent
civilians in western states. stupid vicious people pay the
price for their insanity.
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