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Iran missile test: Nuclear deal’s rotten fruit
Alex Fishman
Published: 24.09.17, 14:40
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1. Obama did this
rockribbedTrumpkin ,   New York   (09.24.17)
Missed the point completely. Obama's love for Iran and hate for Israel led to this awful deal. The left in Israel and the press that love him and hate Trump are to blame. Yes you.
2. good article. unfortunately Bibi Netanyahu is largely
Rafi ,   US   (09.24.17)
responsible for this mess.

His political decision to go to diplomatic "war" with the Obama Admin in 2015 - 16 to impress his right-wing constituents in Israel and $ donors in the Diaspora (Sheldon Adelson)....

.... effectively cut off all constructive communication with the US negotiators on the Iran deal... and largely leaving Israel's review & concerns out of the picture.

This strategy worked out great for Netanyahu, who was overwhelming returned to office in Israel in 2016 in a well-financed (Adelson) campaign...

but horribly for Israel which must now deal with Iranian ballistic missiles and the hundreds of million of $'s in sanction relief already released by Obama Admin to Iran.

A concluding prediction: besides bluster, Bibi's and Adelson's "pal" Donald Trump will do NOTHING substantive to stop Iran's march to regional power.

3. Israel's bad behavior???
Expert   (09.24.17)
As if Israel would have bowed their heads like a good doggy, Obama would have treated them differently. Israel had every right to their opinion on the deal and to make it known. This is what Israel objected to in the first place, giving a terror state a right to make missiles.
4. Indeed: if only Jews were allowed to the Wannsee-conference
we could've had so much say over the quality of "Cyklon B" being used...and other lesser issues regarding the Final Solution!
Another missed opportunity...
5. Rocket Mullah risks destruction of his country
zionist forever   (09.24.17)
Israel has great strength and patients, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to destroy Iran.
Rocket Mullah is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime
6. fisman is wrong again-the phony militaryexpert
james   (09.24.17)
if israe had been there in negotiations, it would have made no difference whatsoever. the larijani regime is hell bent on developing icbm.

the main point is israel under netanyahu failed to take out some of the program because yaalon, diskin, ashkenazi, and later gantz were not supportive. netanyahu is not the idea man. he sits there passively and goes with the majority.

usa under obama was not prepared to take military action, as with the case with osiraq, or syria or anywhere else.
7. bibi announces security cabinet meeting in response to iran
geroge   (09.24.17)
bibi basically is a secretary, not a man of action. other than making empty speeches, well crafted speeches, he arranges meetings of the cabinet, where he sits and asks what should we do. when someone says lets do this, bibi asks can he guarantee a good result. the fellow says there is no guarantee when using military action. so bibi then says no, we won't do it.

so other than small weapons interdiction , bibi does nothing. the few times he aimed for something bigger, the results were not good like the failed meshall hit, the gaza war, the apology to erdogan.

bibi never should have been pm as he is a sectary and spokesman. he is not man of action to lead the country.
8. Peace, Peace and Peace. The only Solution
Mashdi ,   Tehran   (09.25.17)
The fact is that USA, like any other Superpower has no friends no enemy, but only its interest to cater for. Now if Israel or Saudi serve that purpose fine, else they will be gradually dropped over time. Israel is of course somewhat exceptional, because of billionaires and big diaspora and neocons and Christian-Zionists etc. so the process will take longer. This is usually misunderstood by you and notably by politicians like Ariel Sharon, as “we control the USA”. Although the decisions were made by Obama, but in fact apart from a fringe community of neocons etc., everyone caring for the USA interests knows that it is probably inevitable, for the USA to ultimately try to come to terms with and align with Iran as much as possible and that days of Israel being capable of serving USA interests is coming to an end fast. Even Berni Sanders knows this etc. etc. Of course Israel Gov tries creating instability to force USA’s hand, the next one is coming in Kurdistan of Iraq. But the writing is really on the wall.

So the only solution is real meaningful peace through give and take, as peace is not a luxury that you, or for that matter anyone, can survive and live without. It would have been better for Israel to have made a meaningful peace say a decade ago, from a position of relative strength. Longer you wait, more real state you lose and weaker the bargaining position becomes. You need to go back to the reality. If you want to live in this neighbourhood you have to establish peace with everyone not on your own terms, thinking that through peace you are being kind to the PAL or that if you wait long enough Pal will be forced to move to Jordan as your smarter than the rest politicians claim. Choose the real peace not through arrogant so called concessions but by setting aside the arrogant European colonial mentality. Humans don't make peace with friends, or for anyone’s sake but their own so the excuse of no partner for peace does not stick anymore.

You need a real politician, not a self serving showman, who for the sake of every Jew killed and affected by the Holocaust, for the sake of one and all Jewish and Muslim children of the land has the courage, foresight, the devotion, the dedication, the humility & the humanity to embark, at least for once, on a peaceful mission, swallowing his arrogant European upbringing, to travel to Tehran, to Riyad with everything and everything on the table to bring peace to his people and all humanity, while retaining your Jewish roots, self determination and self rule. Don't tell yourself others will not accept, let him be the big man of the hour and let others fail the Jews, Muslims and the humanity.
9. American intelligence sources reveal today missile test fail
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.26.17)
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