Despite alleged Israeli strikes, Hezbollah will keep building its arsenal
Giora Eiland
Published: 24.09.17, 23:37
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1. Response to Hezbollah Continued Build - Israels Border
MD ,   atlanta   (09.25.17)
I believe Israel now can go any distance. Iran truly will have to weigh the consequences. They antagonize Israel and would not be sad to see Iran take a direct hit. Israeli military with the best and brightest have to prepare for crazy zealots who are mad.
2. We absolutely NEED a Mother of All Wars to "convey" to the
Arab/Muslim world that there'll be no final solution to their perceived "Jewish problem".
The sooner the better.
3. All they have to transfer is one of USSR's "lost" mini-nukes
4. it is best to stay stumm
C   (09.25.17)
then destroy them.
5. Clueless as usual 1
Avi L.   (09.25.17)
So if the IDF can't stop shias launching tens of thousand missiles per day, then let's smash everything until the usual ones will impose on Israel to stop defending itself.

Is it what is being proposed as a solution?

Seems like a spoiled child's tantrum more than any kind of national strategy.

It's the sign that the writer doesn't have a solution.

6. Clueless as usual 2
Avi L.   (09.25.17)
This will unite the the world against Israel, from the bleeding heart to the red fanged islamist passing by the nazis, and this "humanitarian front" will impose anything the islamists want, one state, two state an islamic republic, boycotts, whatever.

The world will even see pictures of Aleppo shown as if they were Beyruth ... their media machine is well oiled.

Not forgetting that if Donald happens to fall there's one Sanders there who wants to cut military aids to Israel to impose a "level field" of negotiations.

Where is the "purity of arms" taught in basic training? Destroying a whole country that isn't responsible for being held hostage by a mafia called "party of allah" and by its khomeynist masters is the only idea left?

It's already a few times that the same so called "strategy" is being presented to the readers of yediot.

And who believes that the shia axis will stops launching rockets while it is bleeding Israel on CNN and gaining support and face even among the sunnis?

7. Clueless as usual 3
Avi L.   (09.25.17)
Whenever did the regional thugs ever cared to what UN or other yellow belly EU ever said?

Will lil' sultan erdo will stay quiet or will he enter the fray to present himself as the defender of the humma against the Jews?

Will "the sunni front" led by the Saudis back Israel while and arab and muslim country is being devastated ... by the Jews?

Some creative thought? Thinking out of the envelope? Of course not.

Better being fixated by the means at hand and not looking for the single point of failure of the whole shia axis!

Beyond the fact that Iran, as the center of the shias front, must pay a price rather than innocent Lebanon (and it would help with the sunni relationship), there is single point of failure of this whole mafia.

If some propose to destroy a country with all the consequences and world reactions aforementioned and many more ... why not go for the heart, for the link that keep all this thugs together, kick this cards castle and see what happens and how the new hand of cards are distributed.

It doesn't seem to get worse than the present situation, so let's try some other approach.
8. Rubbish as usual 5
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.26.17)
9. mista, mista
me ,   broken arrow   (09.26.17)
they end up blowing up damascus and Israel will be blamed.
10. the great fallacy with the destroy-all-of Lebanon strategy:
Rafi ,   US   (09.26.17)
... it presumes that there is a credible govt in Lebanon, and one that is - or will ever be - capable of being cajoled into controlling Hezbollah....

As the good General should know, this is definitely NOT the case: Hezbollah does whatever it wishes unless curbed directly by Israel or other power. The Lebanese govt is not even a factor in this regard.

So, following the General's strategy to its conclusion, all you would end up having is a destroyed Lebanon ... but with much of Hezbollah still intact and attacking Israel... So what have you gained in terms of Israeli security by attacking Lebanese infrastructure?
11. Giora Eiland makes several tactical mistakes
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.28.17)
1) Do not assume that the world will, must or should dictate to Israel, when, where and how it will stop the conflict.

USA, USSR and the UN intervened during the previous Arab-Israeli wars from 1948-1973, and decided to pressure Israel only when the "world community" saw and realized that Israel's victory was a fait accompli - an irreversible accomplishment.

This time, Israel is stronger, much stronger. Israel needs to completely tear Lebanon apart and flatten everything and everyone to the ground in that country. Israel should make it clear to Lebanon, Hezbollah and the rest of the world, that when and if Hezbollah attempts to attack Israel in a Lebanon War Nr 3, Israel will completely annihilate Lebanon from the face of the Earth.

On top of that, Israel must apply an extremely aggressive and assertive foreign policy, which includes threatening to destroy the oil fields in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, or sabotaging the Aswan Dam in Egypt or other important infrastructures in the Arab and Moslem states. I can assure you that Israel's enemies will get the message, but currently Israel's leadership lacks the will to do it.

Israel must signal to the entire humanity, that Israel won't be pushed, rushed, intimidated, blackmailed or threatened. Israel will finish the job this time. If individuals, NGOs, governments, states and nations declare wars of annihilation against Israel, they themselves will be annihilated.

That MUST be Israel's relentless and uncompromising policy. Israel should also, to the realistic extent possible, if it serves Israel's best interests and national security, threaten and blackmail the very countries threatening, blackmailing and pressuring Israel, when Israel's victory is a fait accompli.

2) Since IDF and the top political echelon in Israel are aware of the dangers facing our country, I suggest Israel makes it impossible for Iran and Syria to transport weapons from Syria into Lebanon. How? Use your imagination. Either wiping out the Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah forces completely, or destroying each truck from the air, destroying the roads, setting their forests on fire, punishing Syria and Iran with a heavy and extensive Dresden bombing strategy, or destroying their drinking water, food supplies and electricity, or randomly choosing extremely vital military and civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and Syria, until their will to fight has ebbed away.

3) Make sure to strenghten Israel's civilian and military infrastructure and military resources - including number of tanks, fighter jets, WMDs, and even handguns, bullets and ammo, to make sure,that Israel can last and endure longer conflicts if necessary.

4) Talk less, and act more. IDF has the miitary sources which Israeli civilians don't. Thank you for informing us, but make sure you and IDF get the job DONE THIS TIME!
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