Ethiopian olah to serve as Israel UN rep
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.09.17, 11:50
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1. It was my suggestion and advice!
Blackman   (09.24.17)
I am glad to see our country leaders are applying my suggestion and advice! There is more to be done........
2. To Facebook David Supper
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.17)
The Jews are a white caucasian people of Mid Eastern and Mediterranean stock. We blend in physically in the Middle East, the Levant and the Mediterranean region.

We are neither Africans (Ethiopians have converted to our religion centuries ago, but conversion doesn't change one's ethnicity, and Ethiopian "Jews" constitute maybe as little 1-2% of Israel's Jewish population) nor Eastern Europeans.

We Jews are neither of African or Eastern European ancestry, and we have neither an African nor an Eastern European phenotype.

Your own phenotype/ethnic appearance is very much Mid Eastern/Mediterranean.

Jews are a white caucasian Mid Eastern and Mediterranean nation - we are certainly not Black African or Asian.

The Ethiopians are relevant to Israeli Hasbara to explain to the world community that Israel is a free, democratic, tolerant and open society that has embraced people of different backgrounds, even if they may not necessarily be Jewish by ethnicity.
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