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Merkel hangs on to power but bleeds support to surging far right
Published: 24.09.17, 21:10
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1. Congratulations to PM Merkin........
Koose E Mack ,   US NY   (09.24.17)
She will continue to make Germany part of The European Caliphate.
2. Imagine:a woman that single-handedly managed to destroy one
of the most powerful nations on Earth.
(and took big chunk of Europe with it)
Took some time granted, but the result is mind blowing.
As to the other "winner", the Alternative: this is but a weather wane for the rest of Europe.
Split between the sane but slow to act part of populations and the lobotomized, "progressives" that until their very dying moment won't know (or accept) what hit them is only beginning now.
Kudos to Poland & their no-nonsense attitude.
Just pity that they extend it to us , Jews as well :-))
3. Merkels capitulation to Muslim immigration is a catastrophe
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.24.17)
and the main reason for the surge of the AfD Nazis...
4. Congratulations to the Leader of the Free World!
5. How can Germans vote for a destroyer? Merkel is EVIL.
Rivkah   (09.25.17)
Instead of removing Wi-Fi from cities that causes infertility she brought in millions of jihadi Muslims who rape and rob the German people and defecate in their gardens and mooch off of welfare with most not working. What idiots could vote for such an evil anti-German witch who won't even prosecute Muslims and deport them for the outrageous crimes against Germans who don't count to her. Only Sweden is as stupid as Germany in allowing crimes by Muslims to go unpunished without deporting them.
6. See, what Obama has been denied by loosing his "third" term?
She can now finish what she has begun and the mob will cheer her all the way to the gates of cemetery, where the funeral of Europe is going to take place.
Actually: the grave has already been dug.
7. Just like our own, damned "Architects of Peace", this German
"Deconstructionist" is hellbent on squandering the fruits of labor of so many post WW2 generations in one, perverted move.
And she's being cheered on!
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