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Iraqi Kurds vote in historic independence referendum
Published: 25.09.17, 09:56
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1. Kurds, best of luck to you
C   (09.25.17)
2. Kurds have been, are and will be best allies with Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.25.17)
The only genuine friends Jews have in the Middle East
3. Godspeed Kurdistan!
Rafi ,   US   (09.25.17)
4. Crystal Ball prediction: since they’re not made up people,
they don’t stand a chance in today’s Lunatic reality!
5. all the way with the kurds
raka   (09.25.17)
the only ones who bravely fought isis were the kurds, not the iraqis who ran with their tails at the first sign of trouble. stand strong, arm yourselves big time, and fight off any threats. you have more support at this stage than you think.

kurdistan is crucial to the survival of europe and america.
6. i don't get it .......
steve s   (09.25.17)
Why does Erdogan demand Israel allow Palestinians their independence, yet is about to invade Iraq if the Kurdish people make a peaceful declaration of independence? This makes Erdogan a two-faced liar. He considers the Kurds to be terrorists, yet ignores the fact Hamas are terrorists to Israel, the US, and the EU. Votes in the Turkish Parliament allowing intervention into Syria and Iraq are acts of war, disguised as security measures for Turkey. Turkey rationalizes their own actions while committing international crimes. Erdogan is nothing more than an egomaniac.
7. Kurds Independence Yes
Tova ,   Canada   (09.25.17)
They are indegenious to the region and good form them for standing up to Islamic terrorism. Syria, Turkey, Irag have tortured the kurdish people for too many centuries. Shame on the United Nations for continually to surrendier to Islam state countries. The western nations must be very very careful. So far western nations are outnumbered in the UN. Let the Kurdish people have independence and a voice
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.26.17)
Now, they need to kill kurds. Yazidis got it really bad before, but now the Shia and Sunni mullahs need a diversion.No wonder, Sadam was killing so many of each side, He knew that that was teh only way to keep the mullahs fighting all teh the time.
9. first thing ....
steve s   (09.28.17)
The first thing the Kurds should do is apply for Interpol acceptance.
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