Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Mohammad Bakri, enemy of the Palestinians
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 25.09.17, 15:36
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1. Completely out of touch
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.25.17)
Speak to anyone of the thousands of yound Israeli Arab Millenials who visit the UK and they are completely at odds with the likes of Zoabi, Bakri and 'Silly Tubby Tibi'

Totally confident and at ease as Israeli and Arab and fully engaged in societal debate in Israel warts and all

And think of themselves not as Palestinian but as Israelis who are uniquely placed to help build peace and coexistence with a Palestinian state alongside Israel

As for Zoabi, Bakri, Silly Tubby Tibi....They are no good for Israeli Arabs, no good for Palestinians, no good for the wider Arab world....only out for themselves
2. Bakri-shmakri and his fellow travelers on the Israeli
"cultural" scene: make me puke, that's what you do
3. Mossab Hassan Yousef
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (09.27.17)
Ex-Hamas member calls the PA "enemy of the Palestine People" as he addressed the UN Human Rights Council Septemebr 25 2017.
You can view what was said onUN Watch. Excellent website!
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