Knesset report blasts PM, cabinet on failure to command IDF
Moran Azulay
Published: 25.09.17, 21:28
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1. Say it ain’t so Bibi!
2. it has always been the case
marcel   (09.25.17)
when Israel has quick and decisive chiefs of staff, good defense ministers and a pm with some guts, then it does OK in battles which sometimes extend into needed counterattacks where israel can reverse losses as it did in 73..

so in 67 we had rabin, a very good military planner, dayan an eager defense minister, and ezer weitzman who helped out as well in marching forward.the results were good.

in 73, Israel was lucky to have Ariel Sharon, notwithstanding criticisms. Sharon was chomping at the bit to cross the canal as dayan was stuck in pessimism. Dayan wanted to withdraw to the passes. Golda Meir held firm and said no. She was very good in spite of dayan.

fast forward to the 2006 hezbollah war, israel had a reluctant and ignorant pm olmert who could not take casualties, a total ignoramus in peretz at defense and a disconnected chief of staff in halutz. the results were not good at all and a loss of deterrence occurred. Olmert had no idea of what was needed or what to do.

now go to the most recent gaza war. netanyahu was passive, reluctant and did not force the idf to take on the tunnels. he may have talked about them but did not force them. bibi is not a military planner or strategist and really does not know how to attack so he sat there like a log and did next to nothing. he sweats and squirms and then comes out with rubbish that he acted responsibly.

defense minister yaalon was also relatively passive and did not go for the throat. yaalon could be very good but he sadly got tutored by bibi to do next to nothing and not offend america.the chief of staff gantz not only erred in some of his statements, he was reluctant and passive. only Bennett shone, a fact that is ignored by the media

so regardless of shelah's report on fixes to the current situation, so long as the key leadership is lacking, you get nothing from nothing. bibi i s a coward, ie trump forced me to do it, i had to do it, chief of staff eisencott appears ok with his emphasis on training, and Lieberman who talks tough and in terms of finally knocking out the enemy, we will have to wait and see.

the bottom line is bibi cannot lead a major campaign of any kind in the security field. having said this, neither can lapid or gabbay/herzog. herzog said build a fence whenever a terror attack occurs, hide behind it, separate and offer land concessions to the Palestinians.

the only political leaders who can lead the idf properly are bennett and feiglin. bibi cannot do it, never could. regardless of some praise from ben artzi, bibi simply lacks guts. trump made me do it.
3. "conflicts" are being cooked up by israel
z.latz ,   israel   (09.26.17)
4. Hmm I guess too much cigars hampering the political echelon
Yossi   (09.26.17)
5. Rogue Takiyya regime should not make any assumptions
C   (09.26.17)
the rogue genocidal iran regime should not assume that this report can
be interpreted as a defeat for the sovereign jewish state.
israel will win any war launched against her by all and any enemies.
6. i behaved responsibly
gerry   (09.26.17)
this is the constant refrain of bibi- i behaved responsibly. notwithstanding the gaza report where bibi was lambasted, bibi says he worked responsibly. now the knesset report says bibi and ohters are not doing their security work properly with the idf. of course bibi attacks them.

so lets see what he has actually done and grade him on that.

1) apologized to erdogan while paying him a small fortune for israel defending itself.
2) raced to a ceasefire before the tunnels were dealt with
3)talked endlessly about the iran hit but did nothing about it
4) wanted to authorize special road/s and industrial area for palestiians saying trump forced it.

so it is obvous that bibi should not be anywhere near a security porfolio.
economics or tourism minister would be a better fit.

bibi has behaved anemically.
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