Border policeman, 2 security guards killed in Har Adar terror attack
Ynet reporters
Published: 26.09.17, 11:04
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1. As long as Arabs are allowed in Israel we're all potential
dead men walking.
2. Other countries get Israel to help on subject of terrorism
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.26.17)
How can Israel give help and advice on terrorism, when it can't prevent its own?
3. Tell us about the "Arrest protocol"IDF better wake up!
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.26.17)
garnage talk goes back to the shelf. Good to see Ham Ass & Fatha got together again to kill.
5. Islam has a chip on it's shoulder and in addition, its
followers belong to a particularly nasty branch of Homo Sapiens....
All in all, a divorce from each and every one of them is a prerequisite for a peaceful existence in this Land of ours.
6. What to do for avoiding such disaster ?
Mark ,   Tel Aviv   (09.26.17)
I am from Turkey and there when we passed near a military installation we
never looked to the soldier waiting at the entrance because he had the order to kill if he suspected the man passing by could be a terrorist !
The same rule should be applied in Israel ! The Arabs should fear the military
and not even to come near an Israeli soldier ! This is a golden rule for many other countries ! But the Azaria incident had a negative effect on the Israeli soldier and unfortunately he pays with his life this stupid order!!!
7. you neverlearn
jon   (09.26.17)
a gun has to be on the suspect before you check his papers. then if draws, you shoot him. otherwise, he gets the jump and you see three israelis are dead.

the arrest protocol is too defensive and late.
8. Sicko TBers! only politics, no condolences?! What is wrong
with you people!   (09.26.17)
9. Would one approach wild animals without weapon drawn?
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