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Israel’s missed opportunity with North Korea
Nahum Barnea
Published: 26.09.17, 23:48
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1. The author of this article is delusional.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (09.27.17)
2. What a load of BS
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.27.17)
This is total nonsense by an total idiot
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.27.17)
allies in the middle. NK garbage talks are nothing, but distarctions and personal gains. NK will nvere attack U.S in hundred years. China wil not allow it. They will be the first one affected. U.S just want China to fill the pinch.
4. fascinating story anyway...
Rafi ,   US   (09.27.17)
Highly unlikely to have succeeded under any scenario:

a) as a highly dependent ally, Israel could not disregard US views on the topic... and US would not let an ally state get in front of itself in dealing with enemy N. Korea, and allow it to make such a large $ investment in a mine;

b) the missiles deals with Iran, Libya, & Syria would have been too lucrative for N Korea to pass up;

c) without overstating the obvious, N. Korea is a particularly vi & cruel state, no matter how much hospitality it shows to outsiders.
5. A ridiculous combining of greed, security, and idealism this
Cameron   (09.27.17)
Foolish hustling that deserved to die on the rocks.

6. Nothing can REALLY surprise when coming from Barnea, but
sometimes...there is a gem like this :-))
7. where is the proof
C   (09.27.17)
the north koreans still would have pulled out of the nuclear non-proliferation
treaty, as they have.
anyone who trusts the ancestor worshiping north korean regime is a fool.
israel has no importance to north korea.
that regime does not care about its economy.
it does not care about its people.
entire families, three generations, can be sent to the gulag for nothing.
the regime only cares about itself.
8. N.Korea would war against Israel
Tova ,   Canada   (09.27.17)
Democracy VS. communism, like N.Korea, China, Russia would overrun Israel. The Chinese are deceitful people who use dishonest business tactics and strategies to over power nations. These governments have no interest in Israel any more than they do with the United States. Canada is different - its is very naieve and will do business with China for peanuts. Be careful N.Korea, China Russia are not countries to be too much involved with.
9. To Hetzel Rahmani...
BT ,   Bicoastal   (09.27.17)
from across this medium you look... and smell/sounds ... like a one who bends over backward.. ; Hipocracy has an edge to it.... and you do not realize it .. from your Colorado Springs shangrila ... ; you couldn´t fool us.
10. Bravo Nahum
you guessed it.. ,   Rio ...last year   (09.27.17)
Nahum, AGAIN, a hand shake ! You are indeed a master of the trade ! Kudos ! This piece, these days, is sensational ! Keep up the good work ! (..from he who offerd you a roof... last year for the Paralympics. Too bad you missed an incredible extraordinary event then. We are yet to meet and rap over you rememeber who..?? )
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