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Report: New Iran ballistic missile test footage is fake
Published: 26.09.17, 14:39
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1. Maybe their famed centrifuges are just vacuum cleaners up
side down?
2. Iran tested world reaction safely, idiot Trump bought it
3. hope its fake
adnan ,   jeddah   (09.26.17)
we need for hole world safe garden , not fire , all come for peace we are human , country religion , color , not dividable human scenes , if we are think we are human and people in the world brothers.
4. Easier and cheaper to fake it than to make it.
BBB   (09.27.17)
An old Muslim trait, there is proof that the newer pharaoh plastered over the prior pharaohs name on monuments and pyramids.

Not that it matters they haven't had a new idea since ??
5. Excuse me but your English needs a lot of work.
BBB   (09.27.17)

"we need for HOLE world safe garden"
OY! Makes my teeth hurt.
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