Netanyahu tells Merkel concerned over rise in anti-Semitism
Published: 26.09.17, 15:16
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1. Yada yada yada und so weiter......
2. German anti-Semitism isn't growing. It never disappeared
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.26.17)
All Jews of Germany should have left Germany a long time ago. It's mind-boggling that some Jews still choose to make Germany "their home".

Your home is in Israel. Come back to the homeland of your forefathers. Here Jews are the masters of the house. We are no guests in Israel. We are the owners of the land of Israel. We have lived here for 4000 years. Anyone who isn't Jewish by ethnicity, is a foreigner in Israel, just like we Jews are foreigners in other peoples' homelands.

In Israel, no gentile will ever tell us to leave since its our home and only and exclusively our homeland. No other nation but the Jews may claim Israel.

German anti-Semitism never disappeared. It merely comes up to the surface again. Like a submarine, anti-Semitism sometimes goes underwater, and sometimes heads for the surface, but never truly disappears in the Arab Moslem states and in the white Christian European states.

As far as Merkel is concerned, she is definitely no friend of Jews and Israel. The Iran deal, refusing to compensate Holocaust victims, pushing for a "Palestinian state" at our expense, against our will, in our land, speaks volumes of Frau Merkel's true feelings for the Jewish people and Israel.
3. Germany and all of Europe is
BBB   (09.27.17)
receiving the wrath of G-d fro the European holocaust.

4. Holocaust survivor Berthe Badehi: "I am very shocked"
C   (09.27.17)
why would anyone be shocked.
a nation that could burn alive little children and experiment on children
and young girls is cursed nation.
the shoa was not an accident of history.
to the contrary, the shoa was the culmination of many generations
of persecutions, murders, tortures, expulsions and genocide.
the christian churches could never accept the fact that they were
just a branch of the original monotheistic religion, judaism.
luther thought that jews would convert to christianity once the
church was reformed. this did not happen, thus fueling
luther's hatred for the jews.
as long as the jewish people continued to exist, the christian world
continued to fear and loath them. jealousy is a primal sin/

5. whereever he goes
mark   (09.27.17)
netanyahu goes to washington and tells trump to do something about iran and the nuclear deal. he goes to russia asking putin to limit syria and hezbollah to 50 km from golan border. putin smiles and plays bibi for a fool.

now he goes to germany to tell merkel of his concerns about german antisemitism. 3 israelis are killed and bibi says he wants abbas to condemn the action even that is a wawster of time.

so in summary, bibi talks, gives speeches and begs foreign leaders to do israeli's work for it.

look in the mirror and see and empty vessel. it is plain for all to see. do israeli a favour and resign already.
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