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European ambassadors to US back Iran nuclear pact
Published: 26.09.17, 17:16
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1. USA must pull out of this iniquitous "deal"....and fast!
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.17)
2. Facebook - Lon Russel Crow - you're truly despicable
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.26.17)
Being a fan of Iranian culture is one thing, but turning a blind eye to the fact that their government and society daily preaches to wipe out the Jewish people and Israel from the face of the planet, and turning a blind eye to Iran's daily nuclear arms race, should concern any thinking, moral person with a smidgen of empathy and sympathy. Your love for Iranian culture makes you blind to their hatred of Jews, Israel, Europe, USA and the West. Iranian nuclear weapons will most assuredly be used against Israel, the Arab states, the EU and the USA.

Besides Israel, even Arab states have voiced their concern and opposition to the Iran deal. And if the Arab states supposedly don't feel threatened, why did Saudi Arabia purchase American weapons at a value of several huindreds of billions of dollars?

If Iran is supposedly such a paradise, what are you doing in the USA? Why does the UN and most international organizations agree that Iran is one of the most brutal despotic countries on this Earth?

You are not helping ordinary Iranians to topple their despotic theocratic regime by idealizing Iran. The greatest victims in this sad story are the Iranians themselves, whose most basic human rights are trampled to the dust daily by the Ayatollahs.

Even if we "pretend" that Iran "follows" the nuclear deal, Iran preaches daily for Israel's destruction. Since you're such a good and moral person, I'm waiting for your condemnation for Iran's call for genocide on Jews and Israelis.

If Iran is "peaceful" why is it seeking control and domination in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen?

If you have a link to the document on the sunset clauses, I'll be happy ro read it in person.

All observations so far have confirmed that the Iranians are continuing with their nuclear enrichment.

Once an Iranian nuclear bomb has struck your private home in the USA, I might tell my future children, over a glass of milk, that there was once an idiot living in the USA who believed in negotiations with Iran.
3. EU yellow bellies make big business with mollahs
Avi L.   (09.26.17)
4. Why would Europe give up on billions in revenues?! Would we?
5. just because you were fools once you need not be fools again
C   (09.26.17)
the entire iran deal is based on numerous lies.
this deal does not put an end to iran's nuclear weapons agreement.
first, even if iran does not cheat by constructing new nuclear sites,
its obligation under the deal will expire in a few years.
but iran does cheat openly by experimenting with ballistic missiles.

iran is a rogue genocidal terror state which openly threatens the
sovereign jewish state with destruction.
it exports through proxies its shia revolution throughout the middle east.

iran does not exercise any self control as a nation. it has been
calling the united states the big satan since the iran revolution.
iran has murdered thousands of americans and large numbers
of jews both in israel and on foreign soil.

iran's behaviour is not that of a nation which can be respected or
iran has engaged in war crimes and in crimes against humanity.
the destruction of syria is largely the result of iran's collusion
with the assad regime.
iran's general comportment has allowed russia to set up
military and naval bases in syria and lebanon.
russia's presence in these countries is a direct threat not onnly
to israel, but to the entire middle east and to all countries
in the eastern mediterranean.
6. As Europe is dissolving into chaos
BBB   (09.27.17)
we should listen to these fools?
Not on your life.
7. He tends to be rather unmoved by EU squalling
Cameron   (09.27.17)
8. Yeah right - NKorea and Iran respond well to deplomacy
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.28.17)
The EU parliament represents nothing and nobody. They are a bunch of unelected socialists
Just how well has deplomacy worked over the last 20 years with these sociopaths?
The Iran deal gave the Iranians everything they wanted in return for getting the deal done
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