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Iraqi Kurdish leader says 'yes' vote won independence referendum
Published: 26.09.17, 21:43
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1. Mr
sheez ,   london   (09.26.17)
Just like Jews have Israel ,there should be a Kurdistan, for Kurdish people.I have a feeling that this attempt to achieve freedom might bring war to Kurdish people, Turkish history and what they did to Armenian population, must be kept in mind while how Iran and Iraq will react is another issue.

Israel it self does not have a good reputation in Europe or US at least with the wider public, were right wing parties are scoring higher at polls.

I don't see how Israeli flag help Kurdish aspirations.

IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.27.17)
they can't protect their soil and live in peace. And they want to stop others from protecting theselves too. Shia Iraq will always be in war with the Sunni's. ISIS is the Sunni mouth of Iraq. The poor Kurds just want to protect themselves against these two & of course, the Turks are right there and meddling. Boy, Muslims really do nto know how to choose leaders at all.
3. Congratulaitons
Tova ,   Canada   (09.27.17)
The Kurdish are fighting ISIS. . The Kurdish governments has no disputes with Israel and this is what is disappointing to Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey,
4. why ....
steve s   (09.27.17)
Why do four of the six photos accompanying this article have an Israeli flag prominently shown? This is a Kurdish and Iraqi matter. Turkey and Iran, as neighbors, are butting in. Israel is not a factor and remains mute on the subject.
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