Despite justified fears of the AfD, not all nationalism is Nazism
Alexander J. Apfel
Published: 26.09.17, 23:37
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1. Nazi's were LEFT WING
Mike ,   SD   (09.27.17)
Nazi's were LEFTISTS not right-wing..."National Socialist" Party..
2. know your real enemy. wake up from your stupor.
ralph   (09.27.17)
the enemy is the the progressive left. the liberal democratic party. the extreme left. NOT the right, the hard right. this change has been going on for many years. jews who still vote and support liberal, leftist parties are wrong. and such blind jews are also our real enemy. if they persist in their blindness then we must sadly say good bye to them. they are a lost generation. but its also our fault for allowing marxist professors to teach in our universities. these must be driven out into the wilderness. its a life or death struggle.
3. Playing stupid will not wash, leftist comrades!So this party
came to be, because there were too many kosher delis in Berlin?!
4. Curious
Frazzle ,   Cambridge   (09.27.17)
How curious it is that, when it's not you in the headlights, it's acceptable...
5. Brilliant analysis
As a German and Israeli national I can only applaud this excellent analysis.
There is a sharp erosion in the culture of debate an d discussion, and the Germans fear nothing more than labelled Nazi. So no real discussion about Islam and mass immigration takes places.
Anyways, Jews should live in Israel.
6. Transportation Enginee
Richard.Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.28.17)
When Mao fought Shang Ki-Shek from 1939 to 1949 in China, his forces were called the Nationalist! The Nationalist then fled to Formosa with all the gold!
7. AFD are not NAZIS as in 1930s.They fear being overwhelmed by
Alan ,   SA   (09.28.17)
massive immigration (for whatever reason) from the south and east.Unfortunately these new immigrants will never ever assimilate.They will never become ,on the whole, part of the German society .Good news for Germans is that once they become citizens and are eligible for EU papers, many will move to UK and maybe France where already large % are already ethnic and coreligionists.
The Jews have infinitely more to fear from the left-as witness the UK Labour Party and its Conference last few days in Brighton.
8. AFD = NSDAP ... they are NOT needed to express public voice
epo   (09.28.17)
both of them were successful ONLY because the common parties failed repeatedly.

so do merkel (christian union) and the SPD (socialist union).

rise of extremist parties is to blame not on the population, but on the failed politics.
9. the nazis didnt start out as nazis - either
epo   (09.28.17)
it was a true nationalist workers party.

the plan to murder minorities and ill people came years later.
10. a calm, rational, and pragmatic diatribe concerning the AfD
Cameron   (10.01.17)
Very refreshing from the usual YNET fare of griping & growling.

Apfel's writing is of sterling quality.

YNET, you have him on again in the future to offer his consideration of other political matters.
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