Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Four lessons from the Har Adar attack
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 27.09.17, 23:57
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1. one point
dr.   (09.28.17)
in stressful psychic behaviers the one get the courage to do what he evaluated not what the others do so he did not calculate his children future .i think children right must be kept socialy
2. Chelmer Choohem Yishai at it again
ab   (09.28.17)
Chelm Synagogue plagued by thefts from collect box decided to hang it so high that thieves couldn't reach it.
Then somebody notices it'd prevent the box to be accessed by those wishing to put money into it.
The Chelmer Choohems debated and debated -then came with announcement:
The box will be hanged high up so thieves won't be able to reach it.
A tall ladder will be placed next to it so the pious people of Chelm will be able to reach the box and put money into it.

"don't touch the entry permits" .......

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