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Top US general warns against leaving Iran nuclear deal
Published: 27.09.17, 11:22
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1. Iran deal is not a treaty; it is only a political agreement
C   (09.27.17)
neither general dunford, nor any other general, should make policy decisions.
the military's role is to provide the president with war plans and with the
determination on whether given wars can be won.

it is the job of the president and the national security council to set policy
and priorities with regard to national security.

it is a simple fact that the rogue taqiyya regime in iran has been fighting
against the united states for nearly forty years.
the various american administrations, republican and democrat,
allowed iran to murder americans and their allies without any
retaliation or consequence. as a result, iran has become stronger and more
today, iran possesses a nuclear weapons program whose
duration will expire in a few years.
the obama regime legitimised iran's nuclear weapons program
and the regime itself.
the deal, which was not signed by former president obama, and
which was not ratified as a treaty by the american senate,
only helps the genocidal shia terror regime to further its
own goals.
it is obvious that this regime which threatens the very existence
of the sovereign state of israel is a rogue illegitimate regime which
violates the charter of the united nations one of whose principles
is the equality of nations.
as long as iran continues its acts of genocide in syria and
elsewhere, and as long as iran continues to fight proxy
wars against israel and other american allies, iran cannot
be trusted to abide by any international agreements.
it must further be emphasised that iran follows the islamic
principle of taqiyya which allows muslims to lie to infidels
when such lies advance the cause of islam.
lastly, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the
north korean vessel state would ever give up its nuclear
weapons or ballistic missiles.
the tiny destitute north korean regime survives solely with
the help of china, russia and iran.
these four nations are enemies of the united states
and of its western allies.
it is well known that north korea had gifted syria a nuclear reactor
and many other wmd's.
syria's chemical weapons come straight from north korea.

it would be totally irresponsible to allow the regimes in iran
and in north korea to continue with their nuclear weapons
2. The “establishment” in USA was always pro Arab....
3. Iran
Clive...   (09.28.17)
Oh dear, terrible naivety here. I can assure you Mr Sherry that Iran has thousands of centrifuges spinning that no one knows about along with every other violation of the, so called , agreement that you can think of. The Mullahs laugh every day all the way to the mosque and back. This is... I R A N... Get it now!
4. There is ONE problem in abandoning the EVIL deal:
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.28.17)
When the US leaves the deal, it MUST immediately destroy Irans nuke & missile program.,,,
5. So it came to this: USA trembles before Ayatollah!
Delphi   (09.28.17)
6. As long as Hollywood keeps churning out second-rate
action flicks about made up "victories" of US Army the Americans will be happy, Trump will claim tremendous deals with every and anybody ....
Oh, what a crap!
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